Amazons Attack! – 2

Amazons Attack! – 2

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2007
Cover Date:
July 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
Battle Lines

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Peter Woods
Will Pfeifer
Peter Woods
Peter Woods
Travis Lanham
Brad Anderson
Matt Idelson, Nachie Castro (Associate Editor)


Hippolyta, Philippus, Artemis
Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce), Troia (Donna Troy), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Red Arrow (Roy Harper), Red Tornado, Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Amazons of Bana-Mighdall, Everyman (Hannibal Bates)
Aames, Nemesis (Tom Tresser), Sarge Steel
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This issue is another companion issue to “Wonder Woman” #9 although at times it is a little confusing continuity wise between the two books because certain events in “Amazons Attack!” happening before, some after and some simultaneously with events pictured in the main “Wonder Woman” title – and not necessarily in the same order either.

At the end of both “Wonder Woman” #8 and “Amazons Attack!” #1 we saw Diana confronting her mother incredulously but we find that nothing actually developed from this situation and in the main “Wonder Woman” book, Diana and Tom are suddenly helping save people during the attack before meeting up with Batman and Superman. Tom is later taken into custody posing as Sarge Steel while Diana at last meets with her mother. In “Amazons Attack!” we also see Diana telling Superman and Batman that this Hippolyta is an impostor and that she is going to confront her. But hadn’t she just done that at the end of “Wonder Woman” #8?

Another good example of confusing continuity is the climax of “Wonder Woman” #9 which shows Diana and Tom under fire from a deluge of Amazon spears after witnessing Hippolyta slay Circe. This event has obviously already taken place in “Amazons Attack!” because the Queen makes reference to having killed the Witch earlier -and yet we see that Diana has now joined her JLA comrades. How did she escape the deadly spear attack? Unless of course this meeting with the JLA is actually the same meeting depicted in “Wonder Woman” #9 – but that is depicted happening before Circe was killed? Confused?

Still, these gripes aside the crossover so far seemed to be proving to be an improvement on previous years’ events and things were beginning to build towards an interesting dilemma for Diana – which side would she take in this war on America? And if she chooses to side against her mother and the Amazons, then what might the consequences be?


As news spreads across America about the unprovoked Amazon attack on Washington D.C., fighter jets swoop in on the capital as part of the military’s counter strike. As the pilots receive their attack orders however the planes are taken down by Amazon warriors. One female pilot, an arrow embedded in her neck, manages to eject from her stricken fighter before it crashes. As she floats back down to earth however she is met by a party of Amazons who ruthlessly impale her with a spear.

Suddenly thought the Amazons are themselves struck down by one of Black Canary’s sonic screams. As the rest of the Justice League of America arrives on the scene Black Lightning updates Batman on the situation. Red Arrow asks who they are expected to take on thousands of Amazons but Batman replies that their first priority is not to attack but to rescue the innocents. Superman concurs and the team spreads out across the city giving assistance.

Meanwhile at the Department of Metahuman Affairs two Sarge Steels are being held in an interrogation room as the authorities attempt to discover which one is real and which is the impostor. Unknown to them, both Sarge Steels are in fact doppelgangers as Tom Tresser poses as his boss to try and flesh out the impostor. He takes a gamble and picking up a pen, tells his captors that the real Sarge Steel has a metal Prosthesis hand. He then stabs the pen into the other Sarge Steel’s “metal” hand causing blood to spurt out. As the guards take the agonised impostor into custody Tom exits the room still pretending he is the real Sarge Steel!

After changing back into his real self he goes to the control room and is told that the situation outside has just got a whole lot worse. Batman then appears on a monitor screen and Tom briefs him on events so far. He explains how the false Sarge Steel has been misdirecting the troops and sabotaging the defense plan. Batman congratulates him on capturing the saboteur but Tom responds that the tide has not turned yet. He then reveals that they have just received reports of a big first strike attack against Vandenberg Air Base. A new front in the war has just opened!

Batman immediately orders Green Lantern and Red Tornado to go to California to give assistance to the injured and Superman suggest he is the better choice as he can be there in seconds. But Batman replies that he wants Kal to stay in Washington until they know for sure which side Diana is going to take in the fight. They may need Superman to stop her!

Elsewhere across the city Donna Troy breaks into the headquarters of Hippolyta and confronts the Queen as she rests on her throne. Donna demands to know why the Amazons are attacking innocents? Hippolyta warns her to remember her place but Donna begs her to be reasonable and to talk about bringing an end to the conflict. Hippolyta says she is prepared to listen to other voices and asks Donna to find Diana and bring her here – then the three of them can discuss matters.

Donna agrees and departs but as she steps outside a shadow steps forward to speak with her – Jason Todd…

Back inside Philippus and Artemis step forward to tell Hippolyta that someone has ordered an unprovoked attack on Vandenberg airbase. As they state that they intend to find the Amazon responsible and bring her before the Queen, Hippolyta calmly reveals that it was she who ordered the attack! A stunned Artemis and Philippus cannot believe their ears. The Amazon Captain tries to reason that this is not the Amazon way and that they should fight honourably. Hippolyta replies that this so called “honourable” approach has only ever resulted in them hiding in seclusion and living in fear of Man’s World.

Artemis snaps back that the Queen’s tactics have a bloodthirsty nature – a quality that smacks more of the sorceress Circe! Philippus adds that they are not comfortable with the witch’s influence over events. Hippolyta responds that neither is she and that she had already in fact slain Circe a few hours ago!

She then orders a fresh assault on the U.S. capital and as she leads her army forward the two Amazons look on concerned. They fear Hippolyta’s judgement has become seriously impaired. “Her resurrection could prove to be the death of us all” states Artemis…

Back at the Department of Metahuman Affairs Tom Tresser hears the commotion over the monitor speaker and asks Batman what is going on. The caped crusader responds that the Amazons are attacking with everything they have. He instructs Tom to get orders to the troops on the field to pull back while the JLA hold the Amazons off.

Just then Wonder Woman touches down next to Batman and he cautiously asks what side she has come here to fight on. She replies that she is here to fight on the principles she has always stood for. Justice. Reassured by her words, he says that they can definitely use her help as Green Lantern Red Tornado report back that they are finishing rescue operations at Vandenberg and will be returning to Washington as soon as they can.

Suddenly Superman calls out to his parents in a concerned voice and zooms off into the distance. A confused Batman tells Tom that they have just lost the Man of Steel from the battlefield and is told that there is even more bad news.

There has been another attack elsewhere. This time in Kansas. It’s on fire. All of it!