This issue is another companion issue to “Wonder Woman” #9 although at times it is a little confusing continuity wise between the two books because certain events in “Amazons Attack!” happening before, some after and some simultaneously with events pictured in the main “Wonder Woman” title – and not necessarily in the same order either.

At the end of both “Wonder Woman” #8 and “Amazons Attack!” #1 we saw Diana confronting her mother incredulously but we find that nothing actually developed from this situation and in the main “Wonder Woman” book, Diana and Tom are suddenly helping save people during the attack before meeting up with Batman and Superman. Tom is later taken into custody posing as Sarge Steel while Diana at last meets with her mother. In “Amazons Attack!” we also see Diana telling Superman and Batman that this Hippolyta is an impostor and that she is going to confront her. But hadn’t she just done that at the end of “Wonder Woman” #8?

Another good example of confusing continuity is the climax of “Wonder Woman” #9 which shows Diana and Tom under fire from a deluge of Amazon spears after witnessing Hippolyta slay Circe. This event has obviously already taken place in “Amazons Attack!” because the Queen makes reference to having killed the Witch earlier -and yet we see that Diana has now joined her JLA comrades. How did she escape the deadly spear attack? Unless of course this meeting with the JLA is actually the same meeting depicted in “Wonder Woman” #9 – but that is depicted happening before Circe was killed? Confused?

Still, these gripes aside the crossover so far seemed to be proving to be an improvement on previous years’ events and things were beginning to build towards an interesting dilemma for Diana – which side would she take in this war on America? And if she chooses to side against her mother and the Amazons, then what might the consequences be?