Amazons Attack! – 1

Amazons Attack! – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
April 2007
Cover Date:
June 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
The Last Full Measure of Devotion

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Peter Woods
Will Pfeifer
Peter Woods
Peter Woods
Travis Lanham
Brad Anderson
Matt Idelson, Nachie Castro (Associate Editor)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce)
Circe, Everyman (Hannibal Bates)
President Jonathan Horne, Sarge Steel, Collins, Aames, Adam
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This is issue one of a six part crossover event and is a companion to “Wonder Woman” #8. This is the first major crossover featuring Wonder Woman and the Amazons since George Perez’s “War of the Gods” four part series. Originally, DC intended this to be part of the “Infinite Crisis” crossover event alongside “Villains Unlimited”, “The OMAC Project” etc,  but at the time could not find a way to make it fit into the overall story line so it became part of the “Countdown to Infinite Crisis” event instead.

Instead they decided to use it as a way to help promote the re-launch of “Wonder Woman” although again, could not make it work alongside Allan Heinberg’s launch story, which ironically eventually collapsed under the weight of its own schedule delays. In the end the suits at DC may well have wished they had simply used “Amazons Attack!” as their launch story – and effectively used it as a “big bang” crossover story line to help get “Wonder Woman” Volume Three underway, with as much publicity as possible across the entire DC Universe of titles.

While this first issue of course has the difficult challenge of setting the scene, it is easily bettered by Jodi Picoult’s version of events in the main “Wonder Woman” book (“Wonder Woman” #8), as the novelist achieves a more effective narrative in conveying how things have led to this Amazon war against Man’s World.

As well as the main Wonder Woman title, the story crossed over into the “Catwoman”, “Supergirl” and “Teen Titans” titles.

The story continues in Wonder Woman #9.


A father is showing his son the Lincoln Memorial when their day out is interrupted by a flash in the sky and the emergence of a mighty Amazon army, accompanied by catapult machines hauled by trained Cyclops monsters! As they look on in shock an Amazon warrior cuts them both down in cold blood. The Amazon soldiers proceed to fan out killing every man they come across!

At the White House the President is informed that his nation’s capital is under attack by unknown forces. His aides and security guards rush him along the corridor to safety as he speculates with them about who these deadly attackers might be. Terrorists? The Russians? The Chinese? He is told that whoever they are, they all seem to be women and this leads his advisors to suspect that they might be Amazons.

Suddenly there is an explosion in the corridor and before his guards can react they are cut down by two Amazons. As the deadly female warriors approach the President intent on slaying him too they are struck down by lightning. A relieved President sees Black Lightning emerge from the hole in the wall and gratefully thanks him for saving his life. Black Lightning had been on Monitor duty at the Hall of Justice just a few blocks away and had immediately headed for the White House once the attack on the city had started. He advises the President that the JLA have been informed of the situation and are on their way. As to the reason behind these attacks, he is as baffled as the authorities are…

Meanwhile an impatient Queen Hippolyta has set up camp at the Smithsonian Institution, having lead her Amazon army to America to free her daughter from their clutches. She is told by Circe, who had been responsible for resurrecting the Amazon Queen and encouraging the attack in the first place, that they will find Diana soon but that these things take time – just as it had taken the men of this world time to trap Wonder Woman, hold her, torture her and demand her to reveal her sworn secrets. However, she reminds Hippolyta that as a result, it had not taken the Queen any time at all to realise what must be done and to experience the war lust once more!

Just then the Queen is informed by one of her captains that having reached the complex where Diana was being held, they had found just an empty cell. The captain requests permission to form a search party to locate the Princess and adds that the U.S. Military is preparing their forces for a counter strike and that the President may still be alive. The Queen stands up and commands that the fate of the President, the military’s impending arrival and even the freedom of her own daughter does not matter for the moment. What does matter is that for the first time the World of Man is at the Amazon’s mercy – and they must make the most of it!

She then steps outside and addresses her gathered soldiers, saying that just as Man’s enslavement of her daughter mocks the Amazon’s hard fought freedom, so this city of Washington and its architecture mocks the buildings of Themyscira. The time has come to show this world of men what the Amazons can do. She then orders them to tear the city apart and with that, leads them forward as they advance on the helpless capital. Circe watches them go, smiling…

The Capitol Building falls first and then Hippolyta uses her sword to decapitate the head of the Lincoln Memorial. She then stands on the stone throne and addresses her warriors again, saying that the decapitation acts as a symbol of their resolve before next ordering the catapults to be deployed.

Above, a squadron of jets approaches and they see the first series of explosions as a rain of fireballs launched by the Amazons’ catapults strike the city.

At the control centre of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, Sarge Steel updates Batman on the large TV Monitor regarding the current situation. He tells the caped crusader that it is chaos in Washington right now and that they themselves have already had to repulse an incursion into their Prison area. The Military is all set to strike back hard but that he and Batman knows they do not stand much of a chance against Amazons.

Batman agrees and Steel replies that he does have a plan but that it requires the Dark Knight and his other colleagues to get here fast. Batman responds that Black Lightning had already saved the President a few minutes ago and others are already on site performing rescue and evacuation duties. Steel responds that he needs “the big guns – the really big guns – one in particular”. Batman nods and says that Superman is already on his way as are the rest of the JLA. However, Steel should worry about “finding the other big gun. The one with the initials WW”.

With that, Batman ends the transmission and Steel walks out of the control centre and down a side corridor. Unseen, he opens a secret door to reveal the real Sarge Steel bound and gagged on the floor. The false Sarge Steel smiles down and says that he thought he would let his prisoner know that things were going exactly according to plan – especially as the real Steel will be the one who is going to get all the credit for it – whether he likes it or not!

He then adds that things are getting crazy outside and that it is all just about to get even crazier…

At that moment across the city, Wonder Woman arrives at the Lincoln Memorial having been rescued from her cell at the Department of Metahuman Affairs by Nemesis, (otherwise known as Agent Tom Tresser).

The Amazon Princess now stares in shock at where her dead mother, Hippolyta, is currently standing in front of her and smiling back at her beloved daughter.

“Mother?” asks Diana incredulously…