This is issue one of a six part crossover event and is a companion to “Wonder Woman” #8. This is the first major crossover featuring Wonder Woman and the Amazons since George Perez’s “War of the Gods” four part series. Originally, DC intended this to be part of the “Infinite Crisis” crossover event alongside “Villains Unlimited”, “The OMAC Project” etc,  but at the time could not find a way to make it fit into the overall story line so it became part of the “Countdown to Infinite Crisis” event instead.

Instead they decided to use it as a way to help promote the re-launch of “Wonder Woman” although again, could not make it work alongside Allan Heinberg’s launch story, which ironically eventually collapsed under the weight of its own schedule delays. In the end the suits at DC may well have wished they had simply used “Amazons Attack!” as their launch story – and effectively used it as a “big bang” crossover story line to help get “Wonder Woman” Volume Three underway, with as much publicity as possible across the entire DC Universe of titles.

While this first issue of course has the difficult challenge of setting the scene, it is easily bettered by Jodi Picoult’s version of events in the main “Wonder Woman” book (“Wonder Woman” #8), as the novelist achieves a more effective narrative in conveying how things have led to this Amazon war against Man’s World.

As well as the main Wonder Woman title, the story crossed over into the “Catwoman”, “Supergirl” and “Teen Titans” titles.

The story continues in Wonder Woman #9.