52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen – 5

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen – 5

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 2007
Cover Date:
February 2008
Modern Age
Story Title:
Dead Reckoning

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Keith Giffen, John Stanisci
Keith Giffen
Pat Olliffe
John Stanisci
John J. Hill
Michael Siglain, Harvey Richards (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El), Veronica Cale
Mister Terrific (Michael Holt), Doom Patrol: Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr), Negative Man (Lawrence Trainor), Robot Man (Clifford Steele), Chief (Niles Caulder)
The Four Horsemen: Yurdd the Unknown, Rogga of the Seven Atrocities, Zorrm the Desolate, Azraeuz the Silent King
IQ (Ira Quimby), Snapper Carr, Taleb Beni Khalid
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At Checkmate, Mr. Terrific briefs Taleb Beni Khalid on the events in Bialya and Oolong Island. Khalid is concerned that the JLA and the Doom Patrol may not be willing to take the actions necessary to stop the Four Horsemen, and on Veronica Cale’s motives. Terrific reminds Khalid that the JLA have more experience with Apokolips than Checkmate does, and that Cale is genuinely terrified and remorseful about the Four Horsemen. He asks Khalid to have faith, which Khalid points out can blind one to reality.

On Oolong Island, Rogga unleashes his ordinance against the force field, as his dead soldiers either fire or throw themselves at the field, burning their corpses. Cale refuses to divert power from the portal research to the defence shield. Caulder asks permission to deploy the Doom Patrol to counter Rogga, but is denied. Suddenly, Rogga begins transmitting over the radio, threatening them, until Cale shuts off the communications and allows Caulder to act.

In Bialya, Yurrd is salivating over Superman’s unconscious body, when he wakes up and fires a blast of heat vision into Yurrd’s eyes. Wrapping his cape around Yurrd’s neck, Superman takes him up into the atmosphere, then flies back down at full speed, burning Yurrd on reentry, and smashing him into the ground at full force. Yurrd is rendered unconscious, but Superman suddenly falls to his knees, as his infection tears through hid body. Superman tries to focus past the pain like Batman taught him, but the pain is clearly immense.

In Harjavati, Batman has several syringes and a fire extinguisher, and is ready to take on Zorrm. The Horseman is searching for Batman the old fashioned way. Snapper is observing, and Batman manages to sneak up on him. As Batman prepares to attack, a rat passes the two, and Zorrm becomes aware of their presence. Batman uses the fire extinguisher to fire several syringes, into Zorrm, but the Horseman is able to grab the Dark Knight…who reveals that he injected Zorrm with morphine. Zorrm falls unconscious, and Batman cuts out his eye. Snapper asks how Batman was so able to defeat it, and Batman explains that his attacks wounded Zorrm’s pride and limited his options. Batman is also worried about Superman, but Snapper replies that Clark can take care of himself, leading Batman to actually strike Snapper for calling him that.

As it turns out, Superman is fine, and delivers Yurrd’s unconscious body to join Zorrm in captivity. Contacting Mr. Terrific, they learn that Wonder Woman is on Oolong Island, which is under siege by the dead. Terrific reports that Azraeuz is still by the firepit, and hasn’t left since he attacked Superman. Terrific also has another concern: it intervened when Superman was originally beating Yurrd, but then let Yurrd and Zorrm be defeated. Terrific fears that Azraeuz may have sampled Superman’s genetic material and incorporated it into his own structure. Batman then asks Terrific to send a unit to contain Yurrd and Zorrm as they debate how to best deal with Azraeuz.

On Oolong, Rogga continues his assault. Robot Man believes that he’s wasting ordinance, but Wonder Woman and Elasti-Girl both realise that he’s testing the fields stress levels. Outside, Rogga’s sensors are able to give him a reading of what he’s up against and how to breach the field. He succeeds, resulting in a catastrophic overload inside the compound and causing several machines to explode. Though injured by some stray shrapnel, Veronica Cale tries to make her way to the portal research room. However, she finds the portal seriously damaged and most of the scientists working on it dead.

Rogga resumes his assault, breaching the compound. Wonder Woman leads the Doom Patrol and the compound’s limited security forces against the assault…and Rogga declares the Amazon’s martial prowess to be “magnificent”…


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