52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen – 1

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
August 2007
Cover Date:
October 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ethan Van Sciver
Keith Giffen
Pat Olliffe
John Stanisci
Pat Brosseau
Michael Siglain, Harvey Richards (assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El), Veronica Cale
The Four Horsemen: Yurdd the Unknown, Rogga of the Seven Atrocities, Zorrm the Desolate, Azraeuz the Silent King
IQ (Ira Quimby), Jack Ryder
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In Bialya, Clark Kent, one of the few foreign journalists allowed in the country, is granted an interview with President Rashid, who has taken power following Black Adam’s devastation of Bialya. Clark notes that Rashid has allowed only the most basic essential aid in. Rashid explains that this is due to concerns over sovereignty and national security. He also points out that there seemed no concern when Adam was rampaging, and that Black Adam remains at large. Rashid wonders why the superhero community has not taken the proper steps to bring in Black Adam and bring justice to Bialya, and Clark replies that the country is essentially an open graveyard, leading Rashid to terminate the interview. Clark then recieves a phone call from Bruce Wayne, who has come to investigate concerns about black market food sales among Wayne Enterprises.

At the Wayne building at the camp, Taylor Reese, overseeing the food and black market sales, argues with Hussein, a warlord, about the price and delivery. Reese finally manages to get payment to his liking, but will only make a drop afterhe recieves payment for the last drop. Unwittingly, he becomes a host to Yurdd. Meanwhile, Hussein, overseeing a small force and some women for “recreation”, tells his assistant to see that Reese is made happy until they can dispose of him. After that, they will “liberate” Bailya from its current ineffective government, even if the people don’t want to be liberated. Rogga has found a host. When Burce’s helicopter lands, he meets up with Clark, and discuss the black market scam. As they pass a medical tent, a doctor walks out to have a cigarette, while a nurse chastizes his apathy toward the patients. The doctor argues that it is a loosing battle, and he’s only here because it will look good on his resume. The disgusted nurse storms off as the doctor enjoys his cigarette. Zorrm has found his host.

On Oolong Island, Veronica Cale oversees work on a scientific experiment. The island has claimed sovereign nation status, allowing Cale a degree of freedom to work on her current plans. In her quarters, she remembers back to how she was going to let Black Adam kill her when he arrived, only for the Black Marvel to ignore her and pass her by. Fleeing into the jungle, Cale considered suicide before resolving to make sure the Horsemen do not rise again. Wonder Woman then arrives, warning her not to try anything or she will retaliate. Cale then explains that the reason Black Adam was so able to defeat the Horsemen in Kahndaq was because their bodies were geared towards the Fourth World, not Earth. She also counters that the death of the Horsemens’ physical bodies did not destroy their spirits, and they will rise again.

In Bialya, Reese watches “You Are Wrong!”, where Jack Ryder interviews Clark Kent about what is going on in Bailya. However, the room he is in is littered gnawed on corpses. Entering, Bruce Wayne orders security, as Reese reveals himself to be Yurrd, saying that he accepted Reese’s “invitation”, and that “form must fit function”. He then induces ravenous hunger in Bruce, taking everything he has to not begin eating whatever he can find. Security comes and fires on Reese, but it fails to kill him. Bruce helps delay Reese long enough for Superman to show up. Surprisingly, Yurrd/Reese is able to bite Superman. Yurrd then induces hunger into guards, but Superman and Bruce are able to resist their hunger and dispatch the guards before they eat each other. Later, after Bruce Wayne has been “expelled” from Bailya, the two discuss the likely fact that the Four Horsemen have been reborn. Bruce has notified the JLA, the JSA, and even Checkmate, and are authorised to gather intelligence on what is happening, and respond if necessary.

Meanwhile, a lone survivor of Black Adam’s rampage scavenges among the dead. Without knowing, the last of the Horsemen takes him as a host, and the name of the horsemen is Azraeuz…and hell will follow close behind.


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