Although there follows one more issue after this one, it is safe to say that this is the true finale issue of Greg Rucka’s remarkable run. The phrase “End of an Era” is used far too often, especially in the comic book industry, but this issue of “Wonder Woman” can truly be described as such.
With the events of the “Infinite Crisis” Crossover event reaching towards its climax, fans and non fans alike still did not know what lay in store for Diana. The suits at DC Comics were keeping their cards very close to their chests when it came to the fate of Wonder Woman. Would she die and be replaced by Donna Troy? Would she become an agent for the U.S. Government? Would she lose her powers? Would she take up a secret identity like her pre crisis persona? Or perhaps all of the above!
Only time would tell – and the wait would be a long one because following issue 226 there would be three months of no “Wonder Woman” book at all, no announcements of what, if any, her new direction would be and no indications as to who the new writer would be replacing Rucka. For fans like myself, this was a tortuous period of uncertainty and fear that the character we knew and loved – and had grown up with over so many years – might truly be leaving our lives for good.
J.G. Jones provides us a fittingly beautiful, melancholy cover.