Justice League of America – Volume 2 – 4

Justice League of America – Volume 2 – 4

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 2006
Cover Date:
January 2007
Modern Age
Story Title:
The Tornado's Path - Chapter Four: Being Human

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Michael Turner
J.G Jones (Variant)
Brad Meltzer
Ed Benes
Sandra Hope
Rob Leigh
Alex Sinclair
Eddie Berganza
Jeanine Schaefer (Assistant)


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent, Kal-El)
Arsenal (Roy Harper), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Black Lightning (Jefferson Michael Pierce), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Red Tornado (John Smith), Vixen (Mari McCabe), Geo-Force (Brion Markov)
Doctor Impossible, Electrocutioner (Lester Buchinsky), Parasite, Plastique, Trident, Professor Ivo, Starro, Solomon Grundy
Kathy Sutton
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Batman, Black Lightning, Hawkgirl, Superman and Wonder Woman examine Trident and the Starro attached to his neck. Superman tries to remove it but breaks off one leg with a metallic crack. They discover the Starro exterior is real but the interior is electronic and that it was created by Professor Ivo but with significant help.

Red Tornado flies to find his android body and has an argument with Kathy over their communicators over his new-found mortality.

Vixen is flying trying to find the stolen Tantu Totem and is having difficulty maintaining her mental identity under the onslaught of animal minds.

In Ivo’s laboratory Green Lantern, Black Canary and Arsenal prepare to attack Dr. Impossible, Electrocutioner, Plastique and Professor Ivo. They, too, discover the villains have Starro’s on them and they begin removing them which causes the villains to lose consciousness. Ivo explains that thirteen true immortals (undetectable by magicks) exist at any one time. He is one of them but wants to die. He has orchestrated the capture of the Red Tornado android to convert it into armor. Ivo will transfer his immortality to another who needs the upgraded armor to survive the process.

In Markovia Geo-Force, as Brion Markov, survives an attempt on his life when his personal ship, the HMY Viktor, explodes. He is called by Declan concerned about his welfare and Brion asks him to find Jefferson Pierce.

In the Batcave, the five heroes decide to track the Starro signal back to its source.

Green Lantern finds the Red Tornado android and severs the connections during a memory dump/programming. The android is now the new Amazo and it begins to absorb Green Lantern’s ring’s power. It knocks the three heroes down and flies off just as Red Tornado arrives. Tornado is punched by the shadowy mastermind of the operation and the intended recipient of the immortality transfer…Solomon Grundy.


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