Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 220

Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 220

General Info

Issue No:
220 (549)
On Sale Date:
August 2005
Cover Date:
October 2005
Modern Age
Story Title:
Affirmative Defense

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
J. G. Jones
Greg Rucka
David Lopez
Todd Klein
Wildstorm FX
Ivan Cohen


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Ferdinand, Jonah McCarthy
Superman (Kal El/Clark Kent), Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Maxwell Lord
Leslie Anderson
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This issue is told as a flashback, as Diana relates to Bruce Wayne what had transpired after she killed Max Lord. This great cover by J.G. Jones is rather misleading however, as at no point in the story is Wonder Woman led away in handcuffs by the police! It is though, a rare nod to the classic bondage covers from the Golden Age that the “Wonder Woman” title became renowned for.


Superman cannot believe what Wonder Woman has done and confronts her, but before the argument can continue they are notified of various crisis all over the world and they split up to deal with the emergencies. Some are hoaxes but some are not – Diana has to shut down an overheating Nuclear Reactor before it wipes out thousands of people.
Finally, she gets the chance to return to the Embassy and finds an unconscious Ferdinand on the floor. Realising Jonah has made a run for it, she searches his room and finds a clue. She tracks down his contact on the outside and discovers that he has been working for Max Lord all along. She eventually catches up with Jonah who tells her that killing Max Lord in cold blood will have major repercussions for both her and her mission. The public may have understood her slaying Medousa live on TV -an obvious monster with snakes for hair – but what about a normal human being like Max Lord? As they talk a police officer pulls up and asks if everything is OK. Realising what Jonah says is true she says nothing is wrong and lets Jonah go.
She finishes recounting these events to Batman who is still recovering from his injuries and asks if she has lost his friendship to – like she knows she has lost Superman’s. Batman simply tells her to get out and without another word Diana leaves.