This issue is effectively one long fight scene and only features three characters.

The “Sacrifice” story line, which is a fundamental crossroads in the relationship of the “Trinity” – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – was told in four parts across “Superman” #219, “Action Comics” #829 and “”Adventures of Superman” #642.

This shocking event obviously caused much furore and debate amongst fans and non fans alike. Some felt Diana’s actions had been totally wrong and that killing a human in cold blood, however evil, was never justifiable. Others argued that this was the only way to stop an out of control Superman rampaging everywhere and potentially killing thousands or even millions or innocent people.
In my personal view, she was right to do what she did. What so many people fail to understand is that Diana is not a super hero like the other members of the DC Universe. She is first and foremost an Amazon warrior and secondly an Ambassador for her nation, trying to bring the ideals of peace and justice to Patriarch’s world. The fact that others are opposed to her mission and try to stop her, causing her to defend herself and protect the lives of the innocents around her, are a side effect of this mission. Superman and Batman’s ideals are different because they come from totally different cultures and backgrounds. They would never kill. Even when there was no other choice. But Diana comes from a race of warriors who know the ways of war and although they live by a code of peace and love, also know that violence sometimes begets violence.
Only Wonder Woman has the courage of her convictions to do what is right when the time comes. As she states herself in “Infinite Crisis” #1 – “I am who the world needs me to be”. Which makes Diana such an interesting and complex character and, at least in my eyes, more of a true modern hero for our times than her male counterparts could even hope to be.

But with all things there are always consequences. Obviously, if Diana’s actions become known to the outside world what might happen then? What indeed…