The return of Hermes is a major event, as the Messenger God had played a pivotal role in Diana’s formulative first five years in Patriarch’s world and was the main supporting character during George Perez’s run. Hermes’ murder at the hands of Circe during the “War of the Gods” story line was a major shock and it is surprising that it took almost fifteen years for a writer to bring him back.
This issue is therefore a rare happy ending for Wonder Woman, who over the last few years has experienced more pain and heartache than anybody should have to; losing her mother, Hippolyta; her “twin sister” Donna; her lover Trevor Barnes and many of her Amazon sisters during the Imperiex War. This, together with losing her sight (all be it temporarily) all coincides with the DC Universe’s move towards a much darker place and with the major crossover event “Infinite Crisis” looming on the horizon, nothing would be the same for any of DC’s heroes – particularly in Diana’s case.