(The) OMAC Project – 2

(The) OMAC Project – 2

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2005
Cover Date:
July 2005
Modern Age
Story Title:
There Is No I in Team

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jose Ladronn
Greg Rucka
Jesus Saiz
Jesus Saiz
Phil Balsman
Joan Hilty, Rachel Gluckstern (assistant)


Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Booster Gold (Micheal Jon Carter), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Maxwell Lord, OMACs, Overthrow (Arnold Beck)
Checkmate: Ahmed Samsarra, Arthur Kendrick, Graziella Raza, Isobel Sanchez, Jason Lee, Jessica Midnight, Sasha Bordeaux, Oksana Verchenko, Patricia Grace-Colby
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This six-issue limited series tied directly into the “Infinite Crisis” crossover event and built on the story line that originated in the Countdown to Infinite Crisis special. It also also the build up to events that took place in the “Sacrifice” Superman story arc that culminated in Wonder Woman having to take on a mind controlled Man of Steel. The fight resulted in Diana having to take the unprecedented step of killing Maxwell Lord in cold blood.


Batman goes to the JLA Watchtower. He informs Superman, Wonder Woman and Booster Gold that the Blue Beetle is dead and that a rogue cabal of Checkmate agents has stolen the Brother Eye satellite. Booster asks him what Brother Eye really is, and Batman confesses to constructing it as an espionage system shortly after the incident involving the mind-wipe of Doctor Light. Enraged at such a seeming betrayal, Booster Gold attacks Batman, but Superman deflects the energy burst.

Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord, from his secured position in Switzerland, spies on the JLA. He deduces that someone within Checkmate leaked information to Batman. He calls together the highest ranking royal members of his cabal for an emergency meeting. In a bold show of force, Max decides to consolidate his power base, by executing the remaining administrators. Using his mental powers, he forces Jessica Midnight to open fire, killing the Black Queen, the White Queen and the White King of Checkmate. Max then instructs Sasha Bordeaux to take Jessica Midnight into custody.

In Moscow, Russia, an OMAC agent tracks the villain known as Overthrow to an exotic dance club. Under orders to terminate Overthrow with extreme prejudice, the OMAC manifests an elongated blade from its forearm and cuts Overthrow in half.

Back in Switzerland, Sasha fears that Max will soon learn that it was she who informed Batman of Blue Beetle’s death. Under Max’s instruction, she travels to Kord Omniversal in Chicago, Illinois to clean up all trace evidence of Ted Kord. When she arrives, she finds Batman waiting for her. The two embrace, and Batman knows that she was the one who mailed him Blue Beetle’s shattered goggles. Before either one has a chance to really speak to the other, an OMAC crashes through the window and begins attacking them.