This story line obviously caused much heated discussions amongst fans and many questioned whether Diana would ever in fact act in such a reckless way. I say yes she would. She does whatever it takes, at whatever cost to herself, to save lives – in this case preventing the entire population of Earth from being turned to stone in the event of a Medousa victory over her.
Rucka certainly takes a bold move with this storyline, as the powers at DC do not normally allow their icons to self mutilate themselves quite so casually, but presumably felt that this would enhance Diana’s reputation for facing the forces of adversity and still coming out triumphant over them – in other words…she is a true “Wonder” Woman!
Incidentally, I personally feel that for such a landmark issue Drew Johnson’s artwork failed to deliver the true drama and action of this set piece fight, which lasts pretty much the entire issue. His compositions feel just too static in my opinion. He would provide art duties on the title for only one or two more issues before being replaced.
Finally, the armour Diana is depicted in bears a strong resemblance to the movie version of the costume as worn by Gal Gadot.