This issue contains a number of back up stories, artwork and articles in a bumper double sized issue as the “Wonder Woman” book hits a landmark 200th issue. Other stories include:

“Wonder Woman Go Home!” – Writer: Robert Rodi, Pencils and Inks: Rick Burchett, Colourist: Tom McCraw, Letterer: Todd Klein

“Amazon Women on the Moon!” – Writers: Nunzio Defilippus and Christina Weir, Pencils and Inks: Ty Templeton, Colourist: Tom McCraw, Letterer: Todd Klein

“Stoned” – Writer: Greg Rucka, Pencils: Linda Medley, Inks: Linda Medley and Ray Snyder, Colourist: Richard and Tanya Horie, Letterer: Todd Klein.

J.G. Jones tales up the post of regular cover artist from this issue on-wards with his painted covers. He also did the provocative “dominatrix” cover for Rucka’s “Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia”, which depicted Batman’s head being pressed to the floor under Wonder Woman’s boot!