Superman Batman – Volume 1 – 15

Superman Batman – Volume 1 – 15

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
December 2004
Cover Date:
Early February 2005
Modern Age
Story Title:
Absolute Power - Part Two: "What Price Freedom..."

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
Jeph Loeb
Carlos Pacheco
Jesus Merino
Richard Starkings
Laura Martin
Eddie Berganza, Tom Palmer, Jr. (associate)


Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Freedom Fighters: Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Uncle Sam, Doll Man (Darrel Dane), Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln), Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight), The Ray (Langford Terrill),
Legion of Super-Villains: Cosmic King (Laevar Bolto), Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz), Saturn Queen (Eve Aries), Legion of Super-Heroes (numerous)
Deadman (Boston Brand), Metron
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Diana and Uncle Sam, continuing their quest to restore order to the world, find the corpse of Abin Sur. in his spaceship. Since Hal Jordan was killed years ago, he never retired the ring from Sur, and never became Green Lantern. Uncle Sam takes the ring, and puts it on. He begins charging it, using Sur’s ring charger, and finds that he can use the ring’s power. He and Diana leave, to recruit more heroes. They recruit Phantom Lady, who is now off the radar, working as a stripper in a nightclub. They find the Ray, now working as a coal miner, and recruit him as well. After recruiting Doll Man and the Human Bomb, the team sets out to find Superman and Batman.

In the Watchtower, Saturn Queen and Lightning Lord grow uneasy, wary of the fact that they almost completely upset the time stream by altering the histories of Superman and Batman. Although Cosmic King is fine, Lightning Lord tells Saturn Queen to get the “boys”, because he wants to share his concerns with them. Elsewhere, Batman and Superman have successfully raided Nanda Parbat, in their hunt for Deadman. Deadman suddenly takes control of Superman’s body, and blasts heat-vision at Batman, who narrowly avoids it. Batman uses a flash bang grenade on Deadman, stunning him and helping Superman to fight the control. Batman uses the distraction and begins running, but Deadman uses Superman’s speed, and flies in front of Batman. He grabs Batman by the neck, but Batman uses a backwards spell and expels Deadman from Superman’s body. He tosses out a magic amulet, which sucks Deadman’s spirit into it, trapping he ghost inside of the jewel. As Batman helps Superman recover, both are physically recalled to the Watchtower by Saturn Queen.

The newly reformed Freedom Fighters, led by Wonder Woman, are leading an assault on Liberty Island, which is protected by the Legion of Super-Heroes. The two teams collide in a titanic struggle, one that the Fighters appear to be winning. Batman and Superman are teleported down to Liberty Island, in a last-ditch effort to repel the invaders. The Ray flies at the pair, but Batman swiftly shoots him through the head. Human Bomb begins blowing up part of the island, and Diana attacks Batman. Superman tries to help, but Uncle Sam creates a monstrous eagle with his ring, which keeps the Man of Steel busy.

Batman uses everything at his disposal to hold off Wonder Woman, but the Amazonian’s strength is superior, and she quickly dispatches him, fatally stabbing him with her sword. Superman sees Batman die, and punches the eagle to pieces. He knocks Uncle Sam away, and takes Batman’s body back, and is teleported to the Watchtower by the Legion of Super-Villains. Lightning Lord tells Superman to takes his revenge, and Superman snaps. He streaks back to Liberty Island, and begins mercilessly pummeling Wonder Woman. As he beats her into the ground, Diana weakly tries to get him to recall that he was once hero, before everything changed. Superman takes her lasso, and wraps it around her neck, strangling her to death with it.

Meanwhile, Phantom Lady and Doll Man find the time machine that Diana had told them about, which lies under Liberty Island. Superman breaks in, and uses his freeze breath on the pair, and shatters their bodies. Human Bomb attacks Superman, who fries Human Bomb with his hear vision. The excess energy from Bomb’s body causes a massive explosion, which decimates New York City, and seemingly, everything else.

In another time, another Superman complains to Metron that they screwed up the timeline again. Metron agrees, and says that unless the damage is repaired from the point of impact, everything will cease to exist. Superman begrudgingly concludes that he’ll have to go back and fix it again.


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