Superman Batman – Volume 1 – 10

Superman Batman – Volume 1 – 10

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
May 2004
Cover Date:
July 2004
Modern Age
Story Title:
The Supergirl from Krypton - Part Three: Warrior

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Michael Turner
Jim Lee, Scott Williams
Jeph Loeb
Michael Turner
Michael Turner
Richard Starkings
Peter Steigerwald
Eddie Berganza, Tom Palmer, Jr. (associate)


Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), Wonder Woman (Princess Diana)
Doomsday, Darkseid
Artemis, Philippus
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On Themyscira, Superman and Batman are observing Kara and Artemis train in a match overseen by Wonder Woman. Superman is still upset over how Kara had been brought to the island, even though it has been weeks, but Batman still views the plan he and Wonder Woman formed as necessary.

As the match heats up, Artemis sweeps Kara from under her feet, and prepares to deliver a killing blow, when Superman charges forward and grabs her by the neck. Wonder Woman throws her lasso around Superman’s neck, asking if he’s lost his mind as the sword would have shattered on impact. Superman explains that he’s been patient long enough and is taking Kara home. Wonder Woman points out that “home” is one of three options: Clark and Lois’ apartment, the Fortress, where her only contact would be Krypto, or Krypton, which has long since died. Kara speaks up and says that she should have a say in where she lives.

Diana dismisses Kara and the other Amazons while she talks with Superman and Batman, but Kara is still able to hear their conversation, noting that Superman is still defending her while Batman still doubts her. Superman keeps insisting that he believes she’s from Krypton, but Wonder Woman points out that if she is as powerful as him, it’s a secret someone will try to exploit. Superman realizes that she and Batman haven’t told him everything about why they took her.

Elsewhere, Kara and Harbinger land near the beach, and Kara tells her what is going on with the others. As far as Harbinger is concerned, with Kara’s strength and abilities, she should become Supergirl. Kara isn’t so sure, but Harbinger tells her that Diana is someone that she can trust. Kara thanks her, saying that she’s the best friend she’s had on the Island. Kara suggests that they go for a swim to clear her head, and Harbinger says she’ll follow. In truth, her orb is activating, and shows her a vision of Superman holding a dead girl…

Back at the ring, Superman has been informed of another of Harbinger’s visions about Kara: her presence will bring death and destruction. There aren’t any specifics, but Wonder Woman has had the Amazons on alert since Kara arrived. All of a sudden, a Boom Tube opens up and ejects Doomsday. Superman tells the others to protect Kara while he handles the monster, but to their horror, a whole army of Doomsday’s exit the tube. Wonder Woman orders the Amazons to attack and arms Batman. As the battle rages, they notice that the Doomsdays have no blood or higher level functions that Doomsday originally held. Batman concludes that Doomsday’s DNA was too complex for Apokoliptian scientists to clone, and what they’re facing are Doctor Bedlam’s animates. Superman destroys the Doomsday’s with a massive blast of heat vision, something which greatly drains him. He realizes that Batman is not there, and he and Wonder Woman fly off.

Near the shores of Paradise Island, Batman has found the body of Harbinger’s vision: Lyla herself. Having thought he heard another boom tube open when the Doomsday’s appeared, Batman concluded that the Doomsdays were a decoy to allow the Female Furies to get, kill Lyla, and kidnap Kara. As Harbinger’s orb activates again, it shows a vision of Kara at Darkseid’s mercy. An enraged Superman vows to go straight to Apokolips and take Kara back.

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