The cover image was not the same version shown in previews of the issue, which had depicted Diana in her normal costume. However, it is suggested in some quarters that the Editors and/or the creative team were not comfortable with the way a hand was shown touching and almost stroking Wonder Woman’s bare thighs. By the time the book shipped, Diana was suddenly fully bedecked in an Amazon skirt and cloak! Interestingly, Adam Hughes would provide only one more cover for “Wonder Woman” before leaving the book. Some fans wondered if there had been some falling out between artists and writer and Hughes had left out of principle over his artistic freedom having been compromised. However, this was pure speculation. Oddly though, a very similar scenario would occur years later on Rucka’s second stint on the book, when renowned T&A artists Frank Cho would also leave the book after a disagreement with the writer regarding Cho’s perceived overly sexy alternate covers depicting the Amazon Princess.

The alternative cover art is shown here:

It is interesting to note that although Rucka keeps the Olympic Pantheon a central part to his more modern day, realistic story lines, he depicts them in a modern way. No longer do they wear flowing Greek robes or talk in stilted tones. They speak and act in a more “street savvy” way, even using such devices as lap top computers! His versions of the Greek Gods were even trendy and cool looking beings in some cases – and something that Brian Azzarello would take as inspiration for his equally different take on the Gods during his own ‘New 52’ run on the book.