New writer Greg Rucka started his stint on the title with a clear direction on how he wanted to portray Diana. He wanted to refocus on her original mission to teach the peaceful ways of the Amazons to Patriarch’s World, as well as give her a large strong supporting cast of characters with which to interact. Rucka positions Wonder Woman more as a diplomat and Ambassador of her people, whose high profile nature and opinions make her a target for those who disagree with her. A clue as to the direction he was going to take the heroine could be seen in his earlier one shot graphic novel entitled “Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia”.
Some fans felt that this “West Wing” meets “Superheroine” approach was lacking in action orientated set pieces, but Rucka had a clear plan to define Diana differently to previous creative teams. He had a much longer term end goal in mind in the shape of the “Infinite Crisis” crossover event in 2005/2006. Diana was to be built up as a respected, figurehead of the Amazon Nation and its peaceful ways, in order for that trust the people have in her to be subsequently stripped away. This would happen as a repercussion of her shocking cold blooded execution of Max Lord, which unknown to her, would be beamed across the world’s TVs by the satellite “Big Brother”.
In an unusual turn of events, Rucka would return again as regular writer on the book over a decade or so later for DC’s Rebirth “soft re-boot”.