Throughout this farewell swan song from Phil Jimenez, we see Diana depicted in many different costumes, based on the ABC and CBS versions from the TV show, including the famous all in one blue “Aqua Suit”. The final two page splash depicts Wonder Woman in pretty much every costume incarnation she has appeared in during her long comic book history, rendered in the style of each respective artist. With this final issue Jimenez returns Diana to her Perez roots and a refocus on the original Amazon mission to bring peace and enlightenment to Man’s World.
Interestingly, the much mooted “losing of Diana’s virginity” never actually occurs in the end and one is left to wonder whether the fan protests won out – or whether it had always been Jimenez’ intention that it would actually be Hippolyta who would be the one bedding a man.
A particularly stylistic and moody cover from Adam Hughes.