Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta – 1

Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 2002
Cover Date:
November 2002
Story Title:

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Jerry Ordway
Warren Ellis
Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway
Mike Heisler
David Baron
Scott Dunbier, Kristy Quinn (assistant)


Justice League: Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Diana Prince
Planetary: Elijah Snow, Ambrose Chase, Jakita Wagner
Alfred Pennyworth, Julius Erdel, The Drummer
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In Central Park Diana Prince sits on a bench writing to her mother of Man’s World. After finishing her musings she heads to Grand Central Station to use Planetary Portals to take a first-class portal to Gotham City. She enters a glowing wall and is instantly transported to Gotham where she makes her way through the station and into the city.

Diana arrives at a Wayne Enterprises party where Doctor Julius Erdel is explaining his theory on the Time Track Loop. While discussing her business with several gentlemen, Bruce Wayne interrupts Diana’s conversation, annoying the men. Wayne invites her back to his place and Diana agrees telling him that she always wanted to see stately Wayne Manor.

After arriving at Wayne Manor Alfred, Bruce’s butler informs him that all of the security systems are in place and nothing inside the grounds can be seen or heard. Diana and Bruce make their way further into Wayne Manor and discuss Wayne’s problems with Diana using the Portal. Diana asks when Clark would be arriving. Alfred reports that the surveillance satellite would be in conjunction in three minutes. Diana is puzzled before Bruce explains that he planned his party to coincide with an occasional phenomenon where there is a six-minute period where there is no surveillance between Gotham and Metropolis.

A few minutes later Bruce and Diana are on the balcony when Clark arrives, floating above them. After some small talk Bruce leads them to the cave under the manor telling them that there is good news and bad news. Clark asks what the news is and Bruce replies that he thinks that they killed Clark’s parents. Bruce explains that the great technological leap that occurred is definitely sourced in the reverse engineering of the craft that brought Clark to Earth. Bruce’s considerable detective work dug up the fact that Clark’s parents were not killed in a natural disaster as previously thought but were in fact both shot in the head. Bruce adds that he suspects that they are watching Clark even as they watch Diana waiting to see if they’ll find out and what they would do if they did. Clark becomes angry but asks what the good news was. Bruce replies that he had broken into the Planetary system and discovered the destruction of Diana’s people. Not only that, he soon found that other people with special abilities had been captured and studied in addition to items of power being found and used to advance the technology. Finally, Bruce shows them video of the four people that were behind the Planetary system. Two were familiar to Clark and Diana: Jakita Wagner and Ambrose Chase, the enforcers for the system. In addition there is The Drummer, who controls the Internet and who flows through every communication on the planet. Finally there is the shadowy Elijah Snow, who runs the system, who is over a century old and has been stealing technology since he was nineteen and killing since he was twenty.

After his explanation, Bruce asks if Diana and Clark would join with him to bring these murderers to justice. They agree and the trio head to Dr. Erdel’s laboratory. Dr. Erdel is working in the field of time physics, which Bruce has funded in an effort to combat Ambrose Chase’s localized physics distortion field. When they reach the lab, they discover that Erdel has created a time loop: where physics is bent double inside the loop and light cuts a channel into the future and comes screaming back. Bruce goes on to explain that if a person were to step into the field at the start point and take three steps forward and then step out of the field: they would be transported one year into the future! If a person were to step back in and walk back they would return to the present. Bruce tells Clark and Diana that he doesn’t like the look of the light and that it was too bright: meaning that Erdel was using too much power. Clark uses his x-ray vision and informs his colleagues that half of the power in Gotham had just gone out: leading Bruce to assume that Erdel was tapping into the city’s power grid. While Snow, Wagner and Chase watch from their base on the moon, Bruce tries to get Erdel to shut down the machine. Before he can do so, a green creature appears before them. Diana orders Erdel to send the creature, who she thinks is an alien who was visiting Earth in the past, back where he came from. She goes on to say that the atmosphere of the present was killing the creature since it came from seventy-five million years ago. Erdel is unsure if he can do so. Clark uses his x-ray vision on the creature and says that he thought the creature was changing shape of its lungs to compensate for the difference in the atmosphere.

Before anything more could be done, Bruce shouts that they have incoming. Suddenly Ambrose Chase steps out of a transport field. Clark quickly scans Chase and finds his transport generator. Moving with hyper speed, Kent uses his heat vision to burn a hole in Chase’s coat, which causes the generator to fall to the ground. This doesn’t keep Chase from squeezing local time and pulling out his guns. Clark leaps at Chase and crushes the gunman’s hands. Chase howls and focuses his powers on Kent. With all of his might, Kent manages to push Chase into the time loop and normal time is restored. Bruce throws a bat shaped shuriken at the device controlling the loop and it violently shuts down. Diana discovers that Erdel had been killed in the gunfire.

Bruce tells them that despite all that had been lost, they have gained something in the form of a Planetary Portal Generator. The three step through and find themselves at the Planetary watchtower on the moon. Diana barely has time to ask which way they should head, before a voice booms over a loud speaker, welcoming them to the Watchtower. Shields appear around Kent and separate the three heroes. The voice tells Clark, Bruce and Diana that it would like to demonstrate something. It goes on to explain the reasons why Clark Kent has the powers that he does. It continues to say that Clark did have a weakness inherent in the way his powers work and that if he was exposed to a weaker gravity or left bereft of his air supply it might be possible to kill him. All the while the voice is explaining this Bruce and Diana watch helplessly as Clark is released into space. After Clark is left to die the voice introduces itself as Elijah Snow and tells Bruce and Diana if they tell him where Chase was they would be “let go” as easily as Kent. If they refused their bodies would be, in Snow’s words, very hard to look at.

Diana and Bruce run deeper into the Watchtower in an effort to escape. Diana comes upon the bodies of several Green Lanterns and Jade, which are being held in tubes. Before she can examine them further Wagner appears and taunts Diana verbally. She reveals that she was the one that destroyed Paradise Island because she didn’t want Diana to try and teach the world their brand of peace. She also tells her that she wasn’t going to allow Diana to try and change the world anymore and that it was time for the Amazon to die. Diana mentally activates her bracelets and her clothes change to a white uniform and various styles of swords hover around her.

While the two women engage in combat Bruce runs through the Watchtower on his way to face Snow, while Snow asks Bruce what he intends to do once Bruce finds him. Bruce counters that he knows who Snow is and that twenty years before, Bruce’s parent allied themselves with like-minded individuals and discovered that certain treatments and technologies were being withheld. The group saw even then how Snow and his allies were changing the world. The group was going to form a League of Justice to oppose this but Snow killed them before they could do so. Bruce, after donning a bat shaped mask, finally faces Snow, who not only admits that he killed Bruce’s parents but made Bruce watch. He goes on to explain that he is over one hundred years old and that the gathering the secrets and holding them close has been his grand enterprise. He continues to explain that normal people would not be able to appreciate it and they would waste it like they wasted everything. He tells Bruce that he is not good enough to come along and that it was time to die.

Diana and Wagner continue their battle. After evading Wagner’s sword, Diana punches her opponent and tries to press forward. Wagner counters by throwing her sword, which punctures Diana’s shoulder. Bruce, meanwhile, walks through the snow that Snow had conjured, informing Snow that he had spent twenty years training for this fight and that he had found a way around Snow’s temperature manipulation ability. Bruce tells Snow that if Snow is going to kill him, then he is going to have to do it with his bare hands. Snow draws two pistols and begins to fire at Bruce. Wagner continues to pound Diana and smashes through her sword defenses. Finally Wagner thrusts her sword into Diana’s stomach. Back in Snow’s office, Bruce evades Snow’s gunfire and takes out two batarangs and throws them at Snow. They catch Snow in the chest and Bruce rushes the older man and knocks him to the floor.

Snow informs Bruce that if he is ever to be safe, that he is going to have to kill him. Snow taunts Bruce saying that he has been watching Bruce for twenty years and that he knows that Bruce doesn’t kill. Suddenly a sword is thrust into Snow’s skull, killing him. Bruce watches as Diana tells the dead Snow that she is capable of killing him. Bruce and Diana look at each other for a moment before Diana tells Bruce that they have won themselves a world and wonders what they are going to do with it. In space, Clark Kent’s body floats in orbit around the moon, his glasses floating deeper into space.


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