In this beautifully structured and well paced land mark issue by Phil Jimenez, Hippolyta dies. The death of key characters in comic books is always a hit and miss affair, with the writer rarely able to truly convey the magnitude of the event and the sorrow involved for those loved ones left behind. This issue must rank as one of the finest ever written in my view however – and along with issue 170 is probably Jimenez’s finest work on this run.

Of course, the majority of fans were dismayed that such a key figure in Wonder Woman’s life was “killed” purely for the sake of “spicing up” an otherwise dreadful cross over event. They felt Hippolyta had been killed off completely unnecessarily and hoped that this was another of comicdom’s typical “temporary” deaths. But the powers that be at DC had not finished tearing apart William Moulton Marston’s legacy quite yet.

The key events of this issue are also mirrored in “Superman in Action” #781