This is an interesting issue featuring Lois Lane interviewing Diana and following her on a typical “day in the life of” scenario. It enables Phil Jimenez to present his view of what Wonder Woman stands for and also allows him to confront the perceived tensions between Lois and Diana over their affections for Superman. It is an effective issue and sen as one of Jimenz’s best during his run, doing an excellent job of portraying Diana as she might really be like if she actually existed in the real world – more than a super heroine punching people but a true ambassador of her nation and a force for good, hope and change. Writer Greg Rucka would similarly portray his version of the Amazon Princess though this same lens when he took over the book a few years later.

Note that Diana no longer wears her Tiara after renouncing her “Princess” title. We are also introduced to Wonder Woman’s new love interest, Trevor Barnes, a figure that many fans would learn to hate!