Superman & Batman: Generations II – 2

Superman & Batman: Generations II – 2

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 2001
Cover Date:
Story Title:
1964: Children's Hour

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
John Byrne
John Byrne
John Byrne
John Byrne
John Byrne
Trish Mulvihill
Mike Carlin, Ivan Cohen


Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent
Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Batman (Richard Grayson), Flash (Barry Allen), Justice League of America: Kid Flash (Wally West), Robin (Bruce Wayne Jr.), Supergirl (Kara Kent), Wonder Girl (Stephanie Trevor)
Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Mirror Master (Samuel Scudder), Weather Wizard (Mark Mardon)
Lois Lane Kent, Princess Diana/Diana Trevor, Joel Kent, Mrs. Bruce Wayne
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This Elseworlds limited series was written and drawn by John Byrne and was a sequel to his “Superman & Batman: Generations I” limited series. Set in the same continuity where characters age according to the calendar, each issue contained two stories set 11 years apart, starting in 1942 and ending in 2019.

Wonder Woman appears in the first story only.


It is Halloween, and before Bruce Wayne and his wife go to Tony Gordon’s party, the wife tells Bruce Wayne Jr. that he is not to be Dick Grayson’s (Batman) partner Robin. In the Kent household, young eleven-year-old Kara adores the Supergirl costume that was made for her, while Joel Kent, secretly sulking, transports himself into the lab of Lex Luthor, whom he considers a “true father”. Kara pays Bruce Jr. a visit, wearing a short-trimmed brunette wig electro-statically attached to her head along with her new Supergirl costume, which she alone can remove. She tells Bruce Jr. that though his mother may prevent him from being his “uncle Dick’s” partner, nothing is stopping him from being Supergirl’s partner.

Meanwhile, out on the streets of Gotham, Dick as Batman enters Barbara Gordon’s apartment and finds her dressed up as Batgirl. They both test each other’s skills at knocking each other over before spending some private time together behind a couch.

In Central City, Kid Flash is dealing with Weather Wizard, who is teamed up with Mirror Master using his holographic mirrors to make Weather Wizard appear in two different places in order to knock out the junior speedster while robbing a bank. Supergirl spots the activity below and drops down with Robin, with Supergirl inhaling the fog that Weather Wizard creates with his weather wand and then spewing it back out as water at the two criminals. However, the two young heroes are zapped by an electric stun gun by a third criminal, Gorilla Grodd, who is the brains behind the operation, admonishing Mirror Master and Weather Wizard for playing kindergarten games.

Diana Trevor gets a phone call from Barry Allen, who is trying to find out where Wally West is, being two hours late from meeting with Barry. Diana’s daughter Stephanie overhears the conversation and sneaks off to dress herself in the costume of her own superhero identity, Wonder Girl, before flying off. During her fly-by over Central City, Stephanie gets a tingling sensation passing over the warehouse district. She follows the sensation to a building where she sees Kid Flash, Robin, and Supergirl all bound up while Mirror Master arranges mirrors so that they could steal Kid Flash’s and Supergirl’s powers, transferring them unto one of the villains — Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, and Gorilla Grodd — as one of the test subjects. While the three argue as to which one will be the test subject, Supergirl breaks from her bonds and melts the mirrors with her heat vision, but is quickly laid low with an energy blast from one of Gorilla Grodd’s weapons.

The three villains are quickly distracted by the appearance of Wonder Girl, who crashes through the window and frees the other two heroes. This gives Supergirl opportunity to fell Grodd with one single punch. Weather Wizard tries to zap Supergirl with his weather wand, but Kid Flash has taken it and knocks that villain out. Mirror Master tries to make a run for it, but Robin stops him cold.

As the four heroes go to call the police, they decide to give themselves a group name for how well they did together. Bruce Jr. suggests the Junior Justice Society, but Wally thinks of something even better than that – the Justice League of America.