It’s unusual to see a villain return from the dead quite so quickly but Luke probably knew his run was coming to an end soon and felt that he wanted to utilise this “ultimate” foe for Diana while he still had the opportunity. He saw Devastation as being a big league threat for Diana. It is sometimes argued that Wonder Woman’s gallery of rogues is under-whemling when compared to her peers in the super hero community. Batman has his Bane and Joker, and Superman has his Darkseid, Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Eric wanted Devastation to become Diana’s “Bane” or “Doomsday”, but the character was never re-utilised again by other writers after Luke left the title.

Other writers though would attempt to introduce new villains that would pose more ominous, deadly threats to Diana, ranging from Greg Rucka’s Veronica Cale, who was suggested to be Diana’s equivalent of Lex Luthor, to Gail Simone’s Genocide, who was effectively Diana’s equivalent of Doomsday – a creature that could actually defeat the Amazon Princess in combat.

Adam Hughes gives us a classic Wonder Woman in bondage cover this time, in perhaps an affectionate nod to Diana’s Golden Age past when she found herself bound in almost very issue!