This bumper sized issue sees the return of Adam Hughes as cover artist, and although he produces a lovely cover he once again, as previously mentioned, persisted in drawing Diana wearing ridiculously baggy boots! Ironic really, when you consider he always drew the rest of her costume in a very revealing and sexy style (sometimes nicknamed the “Wonder Thong”!), yet depicted the poor woman in clunky, unflattering and what is more, totally impractical loose footwear!! You always felt that if she ran anywhere they would fly off her feet!

However, some detractors would also argue that the revealing nature of Diana’s costume would have meant that in reality, she would also have been flying out in other places too!!!! Advocates of Adam Hughes style might also argue that the pre-crisis Diana was depicted running around in high heels – equally impractical footwear for a crime-fighter! But they looked soooooo much better….

Incidentally, the full length pose of Diana on the cover was later turned into a collectable statue..and yes, I do own one!