Sensation Comics – 1

Sensation Comics – 1

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
March 1999
Cover Date:
May 1999
Modern Age
Story Title:
Womanly Deeds and Manly Words

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Dave Johnson
David Goyer, James Robinson
Scott Benefiel
Mark Propst
Kurt Hathaway
John Kalisz
Peter Tomasi, Dan Raspler


Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders)
Speed Saunders (Cyril Saunders), Doctor Occult (Richard Occult)
The Stalker (Elpis), Harold Lewis
Admiral Spruance, Vice-Admiral Turner
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This was a special one-shot that formed part of the Justice Society returns event.


Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl arrive to fight one of Stalker’s Disciples. The disciple summons a huge water creature to attack the US and Japanese military forces off the coast of Iwo Jima.

“Speed” Saunders makes several disparaging sexual remarks about Wonder Woman’s legs and feels like the JSA should have sent the big guns like Lantern or Starman to help. He hides the fact that Hawkgirl is his cousin.

Wonder Woman reveals she’s brought the Trident of Poseidon with her to help calm the seas and drove back the disciple.

When Wonder Woman lassos the creature, she finds the lasso is powerless and claims the creature has no soul. Caught off guard, Hawkgirl is suddenly swallowed alive by the watery beast and Wonder Woman’s head is encased in a water bubble. Saunders thinks fast and uses a flare gun to evaporate the water to allow her to breathe again.

They devise a plan where Saunders will help fly Wonder Woman’s vehicle over the monster so that she can leap in and attack him with the spear.

Inside, Hawkgirl engages with the disciple in a philosophical conversation about identity. He claims to be a part of Stalker and has no need for life anymore while Hawkgirl pushes him to think about his past and his purpose. While distracted, Hawkgirl is released from her water chains and attacks the disciple at the same time that Wonder Woman jumps out of the plan and attacks the water beast with the spear. As a result, the creature and disciple collapse.

Speed Saunders falls from the plane and his cousin Hawkgirl catches him. They briefly discuss the need for killing in war but are interrupted by Dr. Occult who tells them he has matters of urgency.