Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 120

Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 120

General Info

Issue No:
120 (449)
On Sale Date:
February 1997
Cover Date:
April 1997
Dark Age
Story Title:
Time Out of Mind
Gateway to Boston

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
George Perez
John Byrne, Ruth Morrison
John Byrne, Jill Thompson
John Byrne, Jill Thompson
John Byrne, John Costanza
Patricia Mulvihill
Paul Kupperberg


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Mike Schorr, Helena Sandsmark, Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl), Julia Kapatlis, Vanessa Kapatlis
Champion (Harold Campion)
The Cheetah (Barbara Minerva), Circe, Decay, Doomsday, Morgaine Le Fay, Warly, Darkseid, Mayfly, Eris, Silver Swan
Heracles, Ares, Demeter, Hestia, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis
Hippolyta, Artemis, Magala, Nehebka, Faruka
Ed Indelicato, Etrigan The Demon (Jason Blood), Myndi Mayer, Larry, Anna, Kris Lazarus, Alan Witherspoon, Asmund Lindel, Benjamin Hecht, Felix Zumac, Henri Claude Tibet, Lin Koo Teng, Lois Lane, Maritza Nitumbe, Phyllis Haller, Robert Cantwell, Rovo Quashi, Vladimir Morakov
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This bumper sized 10th anniversary issue features several flashbacks, which just also so happens to allow any new readers to jump on board and get a potted history of the Post Crisis Wonder Woman! In an homage to his run on the title, George Perez was invited to create an updated version of the cover he originally did for his landmark first issue, incorporating Byrne’s minor costume tweaks.

It also contains a back up story that bridges the time gap between Diana’s time in Boston and her move to Gateway City. It also features a bonus piece of artwork by Brian Bolland which makes an affectionate nod to Egg Fu, one of the Amazon’s more preposterous villains!


Diana has been struck by a mysterious malady, her flesh-and-blood body is being turned slowly into clay! To discover the cause, Diana is forced to look back on her career as Wonder Woman and delve into the history of the Amazons her own origin.

With the help of her friends gathered around her, Diana recalls key moments in her life to try and glean any clues as to why her body is slowly transforming back into the clay she was originally formed from back on Paradise Island. In particular, she tries to recall other situations when she has been reverted to her original clay state and discovers some previously hidden information.