In this issue we see Donna slowly lure Diana into her web of deceit. William Messner-Loebs does a good job of exploring what many argue is not only Diana’s greatest strength but her greatest weakness – her unconditional love and compassion. The Amazon Princess cares for all – even her enemies – but this generosity of spirit can also be used against her if the circumstances are contrived to do so. Wonder Woman is certainly no innocent fool, yet the reader is almost left to yell at the page “No, Diana” Don’t fall for it!” as Donna presses all the right buttons to evoke Diana’s sympathy and friendship, ready for the moment when it can be used to maximum effect against her. Messner-Loebs Ares arc is a slow builder, but is effective in setting the pieces in place for the inevitable showdown and leaving the reader wondering how Diana can possibly survive such treachery.