In stark contrast to the George Perez version, we see a Diana that has to deal with the more everyday problems of living in Man’s World, like paying for food and lodging, in an effort by Messner-Loebs to make the Amazon Princess more relatable to her readers.

This approach is something that many writers that followed have tried to adopt – arguing that Diana depicted as a godlike, perfect being is sometimes too aloof and out of touch with her readership, who cannot easily emphasise with the character as a result. Yet these writers seem to completely miss the point as to why people love this character.

She is like nobody else. She is a miracle. A Wonder. And something that we all look up to. To bring her “down to earth” is to miss the point as to why people aspire to be like her. Taking away her “wonder” and making her more ordinary may serve as a useful story device occasionally. But to make it a character trait is not, I believe, what her creator would have wanted. He wanted her to be a true “Wonder Woman” that – although perhaps a goddess amongst mortals – is comfortable being around ordinary people and stops at nothing to protect those same innocents, whom she never perceives as being “beneath her”. On the contrary – she would give her very life for these people putting their importance above hers. And that is what makes her so magnificent…a super human who is actually more humane than any of us. And that in turn inspires us to strive to be that better person too.

And that’s why I always want my Wonder Woman to be just that. “Wondrous”.