As has already been noted, the editorial team during this arc really had a “bad day at the office” with numerous continuity errors riddling the story. This last issue of the “Lost in Space” arc was no exception, as we suddenly see the alien Sakritt referred to as Sakrett!!!!

As a side note, one of Diana’s new comrades in the struggle for freedom, the Daxamite female named Julia, makes a brief reappearance several years later in the “Our Worlds At War” crossover story line in issue 172. During the initial attack on Earth that results in Wonder Woman being very badly burned, Julia tries to tell a worried Hippolyta that she had met her daughter before and wants the Amazon Queen to know what an inspiration Diana had been to her and the other freedom fighters. But Julia’s translator device has been damaged and Hippolyta is unable to understand the glowing words regarding her beloved daughter -and who would soon tragically die before being able to speak with Diana one final time.