This issue sees the start of a lengthy story line in which Diana is marooned in space on a hostile alien planet, bereft of her traditional Wonder Woman costume and leading a slave rebellion against her captors. It would subsequently transpire that a villain known as the White Magician had purposely tried to remove the Amazon Princess from the picture so that he could scheme unchallenged.
With this, the commencement of William Messner-Loebs first major arc, it was almost as if the writer was going out of his way to emphasise that his take on Wonder Woman would be very different to that of Perez – clearly flagging his intent to take her out of the mythological comfort zone in which she been portrayed over the previous five years. Marooning the Amazon Princess in space is a story line that would not have been conceivable under Perez.
Messner-Loebs also appears to be playing subtle homage to some of the more fantastical stories from the Golden Age, in which Wonder Woman often found herself in space, as at one point he has Diana riding a rocket using her lasso to steer!
Brian Bolland again provides another striking cover while new regular interior artist Paris Cullins’ rather stylistic approach was somewhat of an acquired taste for some fans.