Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 64

Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 64

General Info

Issue No:
64 (393)
On Sale Date:
May 1992
Cover Date:
July 1992
Dark Age
Story Title:
The Heart of the City

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Brian Bolland
William Messner-Loebs
Jill Thompson
Denis Rodier
John Costanza
Nansi Hoolahan
Dan Thorsland


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Inspector Ed Indelicato
Cesare Sabatini (Chester), Tim Jancosky, Janey Jancosky, Arnold Neal, Mr. Astor, Mrs. Horton
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William Messner-Loebs carried over both the location and supporting cast from the Perez era to ensure a smooth transition between creative teams, but he would shift emphasis away from some of the more mythological elements and focus more on straightforward villains in the form of Boston’s gang land bosses etc. Both this issue and the next one contain stand alone stories and it would not be until issue 66 that Mesner-Loebs would really embark on his first fully fledged main story arc, in which he would take the Amazon Princess far away from the mythological scenarios of Perez and take her into outer space – in an almost deliberate attempt to show that this was going to be a very different Wonder Woman from the previous five years.
Cover artist Brian Bolland would provide some amazing cover images during the Messner-Loebs run and this issue was a fine example.


Inspector Ed Indelicato is in the office of his police chief, who is telling him that after his recent actions protecting the Amazon Princess, he should be being prosecuted – but Internal Affairs have advised that due to the mystical nature of the circumstances, a court hearing would be a nightmare! The charges have therefore been dropped and what is more, Ed is handed his badge back and told he is back on duty.

A slightly arcastic Ed thanks his chief, before being told that he will also have a new side partner working with him by the name of Cesare Sabatini. Ed assumes that because of the Italian name that Cesare will be a tough nut, but instead a rather “dandy” figure enters the room and asks for Ed to call him “Chester” instead!

As a reluctant Ed leads his new partner downstairs into the foyer they suddenly see Wonder Woman, who is surrounded by some admiring fans asking for her autograph. She sees Ed, approaches and apologises for not getting there sooner for his hearing. He reassures her that she had not missed anything as they had decided to drop the charges. He then suggests they get some lunch. Meanwhile Chester is in awe of being this close to Wonder Woman and also of the fact that Ed seems to know her so well!

As they step out of the police station Ed says he is short of cash and suggests they grab a hot dog from a vending cart. As Wonder Woman agrees with some trepidation, a star struck Chester produces a Wonder Woman comic from his jacket and tells the embarrassed Amazon Princess that he has read all of her adventures. As he asks her about the purple healing ray and the villain Egg Fu etc, she tries to explain that the comics are nothing to do with her real life and are simply made up by the Mayer publicists. As she just about manages to finish the hot dog, wondering how many additives are inside it, she tells Ed she is glad he has been acquitted and that she is grateful for all his recent help.

Just then a woman approaches them and crying, she asks for their help her as her husband has just stolen her daughter. Ed replies that they do not really deal with domestic situations and Chester adds that the girl needs to have been missing for more than 48 hours before the police can get involved. As a bemused Wonder Woman says that they should still help the woman, Ed suggests the mother visits the front desk and report it there. He and Chester then re-enter the building leaving Wonder Woman alone with the woman. She in turn asks the Amazon Princess for her help, as she is Wonder Woman after all? Diana agrees, comforting the upset mother.

The woman tells Wonder Woman that her husband, Tim Jancosky, is a good man who works at the bank but lately has become short tempered, snapping at everyone -including her. They had got a trial separation just yesterday but when she had gone to the day care centre to pick up her daughter Janey, Tim had already been there and taken her, saying that they were getting out of town…

Meanwhile back inside the station Ed is telling Chester that Diana is a sweet girl but does not always understand how tough things can be in Boston. Just then an officer rushes out of a nearby room and calls for them to come in and listen. Excitedly he tells them that the bug the police have had on a notorious drug running ring is finally paying off, adding that there also seems to be some guy from a bank present in the bugged room with them too. This could mean there is also a money laundering scam going on too…

At that moment inside the bugged room in question, Tim Jancosky is telling the other two men that this is the last run he is doing as he owes too many people money. His daughter, Janey, meanwhile is sitting on the floor watching a western on the TV. “Bang, bang Daddy” she giggles. Suddenly two armed and masked men burst into the apartment, guns blazing! The listening police officers realise the deal has gone sour and immediately head over to the scene.

Back in the apartment Tim instantly dives on the floor to protect his daughter and is hit in the leg in the process. The other two drug runners are mown down in the hail of bullets. A passing fire truck’s sirens spook the gunmen however, who think the police have arrived and flee the scene, leaving behind the money they had come for. Tim finds himself alone with his daughter and seeing the others are dead and the suitcase full of money still lying on the bed, decides that this is his big chance and grabbing it, exits the apartment with Janey.

Ed and Chester rush out of the police station and see Wonder Woman is still standing there. Ed tells her something is going down and as they get into their squad car she launches into the air and wishing them luck, says that she is going to look for the banker and the missing girl, unaware that her quarry is the same as that of Ed and Chester. She decides that to track this Tim Jancosky down she must know him first…

A few minutes later Tim enters a nearby bus station but is immediately confronted by one of the mob thugs. He is told that Mr. Simpson, the mob boss, told him to keep an eye on ways out of the city just in case. With an instinct to protect both himself and his daughter, Tim suddenly uses the briefcase of money as a weapon and clouts the unsuspecting thug unconscious. He takes the thug’s gun and Janey giggles “Bang, bang” again. They then exit the bus station and Tim ponders where he can hide out safely, realising that all the train and bus stations out of the city will also be under surveillance..

Meanwhile Ed and Chester have been to the crime seen and now believe that the guy who had got away is quite probably the same Tim Jancosky that Wonder Woman is after. As they arrive at the apartment building where the Manager of Tim’s Bank, Arnold Neal, lives, Ed tells Chester that it’s important they find Tim before Diana does as she does not know he has a case full of dirty money and that half the Boston mob is after the guy. “She believes in mercy and hope. She doesn’t know those things don’t apply in the heart of the city.”

As they knock on the door, Neal opens it. Ed barges in and accuses the manager of knowing that one of his employees is involved with the mob. Neal tries to deny any knowledge but Ed says that the bank has been involved in laundering drug money and that Jancosky was Neal’s “bag man” collecting money from the mob. Neal crumbles under the pressure and admits that because the bank had made some poor investments, they needed the cash flow. Tim had kept track of the funds from Donald Simpson, one of the biggest mobsters in the city. There was so much money owed by the bank that they had no choice but to cooperate.

Ed and Chester leave, knowing that their mission to find Tim has just become even more urgent in light of the fact of Simpson’s involvement. But as Arnold Neal watches them leave he nervously picks up the phone and contacts Simpson, saying he thinks he knows who took Simpson’s money…

Elsewhere Wonder Woman is visiting the home of Mr. Astor, who had been Tim’s foster father. Astor tells her that Tim was no good as a kid and was always running away and causing trouble. He shows a horrified Amazon Princess the closet where he had used to keep the naughty Tim and continues to explain that after his wife Annie had died, he had gotten out of the foster care business. Annie’s sister, Sylvia, was always spoiling the kid and protecting him, not letting him grow up to be “a man”. “No wonder he’s in trouble with the cops and the mob!” he adds. A surprised Wonder Woman asks what he means and he replies that he has a police band radio and had heard the APB’s out for Tim’s arrest…

Across town Ed and Chester are questioning a low-life whose name had appeared in Tim’s address book at the bank. Ed believes that Tim used this guy to set up meetings with Simpson, but their suspect denies all knowledge. Suddenly though a car screeches down the road and gunfire erupts from it. The three of them dive for cover…

Wonder Woman next visits the home of Sylvia Horton, who tells her that she had always tried her best to save Tim from her sister’s awful husband. Wonder Woman asks if she knows of a place that Tim would go to – a place that was special and in which he would feel safe in? Sylvia replies that her old apartment on Wilfred Street was a place he always used to love…

Having survived the attack, Ed tells the suspect that Simpson’s goons obviously have been told to keep him quiet so they can find Jancosky before the cops do. But the suspect replies that he has already told Simpson where Tim is! The banker had asked him to drop off a couple of plane tickets for Rio to an old apartment on Wilfred Street! Ed and Chester quickly get into their squad car and race over to the apartment, hoping they get there before the mob does. As they pull up outside the apartment though, another car screeches down the road and once again they find themselves under fire! Ed calls for back up…

Meanwhile upstairs in the deserted apartment, Tim hears the sound of gunfire in the street below and realises it is not safe. As Janey again mimics what she hears by giggling “bang, bang”, the pain in his wounded leg finally becomes too much and sliding down the wall Tim falls unconcious, dropping the gun on the floor. Intrigued, Janey picks it up. “bang, bang”…

Having survived the latest attack and ensuring the car has sped away after the sounds of police sirens are heard, Ed and Chester enter the building and splitting up, begin to search every room, desperate to find Tim before it is too late – not knowing how many other mob shooters are on the prowl. As Ed makes his way cautiously upstairs he reaches the floor where Tim and Janey are hiding. He notices traces of blood on the door of one apartment and readies himself. As he approaches slowly he sees a shadow of someone inside, clearly holding a gun…

At the same moment Wonder Woman arrives outside the apartment and through the windows sees Ed, gun drawn, about to burst into the room where Janey is holding the gun like a toy. As Ed bursts in gun blazing, Wonder Woman smashes through the window and with super speed manages to block his bullets with her bracelets, saving the little girl’s life.

A shocked Ed, instantly drops his weapon and kneeling alongside Wonder Woman, hugs the little girl in relief that he had not accidentally killed her.

In the heart of the city there’s no time for mercy, no room for hope…but sometimes..if you’re lucky…you get them anyway…