After the final issue of the George Perez run (“Wonder Woman” #62), there was a four month pause in the monthly title, presumably to allow time for the new creative team to establish themselves and plan their run, so in the meantime we got a one off, extra sized “Wonder Woman Special”, which kicks off new writer William Messner-Loebs’ interpretation of the Amazon Princess, effectively acting as a taster for the marked change in direction from the Perez era. No Amazons. No Gods. Just Diana.

Messner-Loebs would bring Diana more into the DC Universe fold and make her interact much more with her fellow super heroes, while taking on more down to earth challenges than she had previously, such as the Gang Lords of Boston! This Wonder Woman had finally grown up and she was no longer quite the naive “stranger in a foreign land” that Perez had created. This Diana has a tougher edge to her and her “mission to promote the message of peace” all but disappeared during this period, as she effectively become just another female crime fighter amongst many already inhabiting the DC Universe. Part Two of this story continues in issue 63.

In this issue though we still see that although Diana has a little more edge than previously, she is still the same kind, compassionate and caring person she was during the Perez run as she risks her own life to save that of the Cheetah, her sworn enemy and who had previously tried to kill the Amazon Princess a number of times.
This issue also sees the introduction of a new title logo design for the book.