As the cover states, this issue marks the end of an era for Wonder Woman as George Perez hands over creative reigns to new writer William Messner-Loebs. After five years, Perez has truly made the character his own and holds the lofty title as the man responsible for re-defining Wonder Woman in the post crisis universe, disposing of many elements that made the pre-crisis version so iconic but simultaneously bringing Diana into a modern age and truly defining her mission in life.

Fans to this day are still divided as to whether they see the Perez run as the greatest ever on the Wonder Woman book. Traditionalists hated that her Diana Prince identity had been discarded…that she could fly like superman and no longer needed an invisible jet…that she no longer lost her strength when chained by a man…etc. But fans of Perez loved the fact that Perez intertwined the real Greek myths and gave Diana a voice at last…a true heroine with a clear vision of what her purpose was as opposed to a glorified secretary for the JLA or always playing the “damsel in distress” to either Superman or Batman. Wonder Woman has finally been elevated in status to a true power house of the DC universe and set the stage for her to take her place as part of DC’s iconic “Trinity”.

Whatever their opinions though, nearly all fans acknowledged that Perez genuinely loved Diana and this came through loud and clear in everything he did. He brought maturity to the book and gave Diana for the first time a supporting cast with substance. While some felt his swan song “War of the Gods” had not been his finest moment, this issue serves never-the-less to tidy up the loose ends and set Diana on a new path for her future.

Future creative teams would discard the “mythical” elements and make Wonder Woman more of a run of the mill “super heroine” but she could never stray too far from her roots and the basic Perez elements could always be seen beneath the surface, bringing a cohesiveness to the book that had never really been present during the pre- crisis era.
This issue has a definite feeling of the baton being passed on and there is almost a hint of Perez gently warning the new creative team not to stray from the foundations he had built over the previous five years.

Touchingly, the final page of this issue features a letter from Perez addressed to Diana herself, making clear his feelings on having been a part of arguably one of the most iconic heroines ever created. He wrote “I’d like to think that I’m a better person for having followed your adventures.

While his body of work is extensive, his legacy will always be that of “the creator of the post crisis Wonder Woman”…

The issue that follows this one is a “Wonder Woman Special” and the story then continues back in the normal title with numbering continuing from issue 63 onward.