George Perez masterfully creates a believable set of events that set the stage for increasing public hysteria against the Amazons. After their triumphal arrival in Patriarch’s World in issue 50, it all comes crashing down like a house of cards around Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters. The reader, like Diana herself, is still unsure as to who – or what – is really behind the framing of the Amazons. This is the penultimate issue before the “War of the Gods” cross over event begins and the answers finally reveal themselves.

In some ways, this story line of Wonder Woman’s mission – her very world – falling apart around her would be reprised as part of the “Infinite Crisis” major crossover event in 2006. Events in “Infinite Crisis” force Diana to kill a villain named Max Lord in order to free a mind controlled Superman and save the innocent lives he poses a threat to. This act of boldness, resoluteness and courage – an act that neither Superman or indeed Batman would ever be capable of – results in immense personal consequences and sacrifices for Diana, her mission and her Amazon sisters, leading to the end of an era for “Wonder Woman”.