This is issue one of a four part crossover event written by George Perez, who at that time was also responsible for resurrecting and re-inventing Wonder Woman after her “death” at the end of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

The villain of the story is Circe and Diana herself features very prominently in both this crossover and several other DC titles at that time. In fact, this is the only crossover to date that can be classed as a Wonder Woman crossover event and was intrinsic to the story line in the main “Wonder Woman” title, as well as tying up several loose end plot lines that had been cleverly woven into the book over the prior months. The plot is extremely dense and ambitious in scope, featuring a cast of hundreds including all the Olympic and Roman Gods as well as most of the heroes of the DC Universe at that time.

This issue is a companion to “Wonder Woman” #58, whose events mirror and compliment those depicted in this title.