Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 49

Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 49

General Info

Issue No:
49 (378)
On Sale Date:
October 1990
Cover Date:
December 1990
Dark Age
Story Title:
Look Back In Wonder: The Story So Far

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
George Perez
George Perez, Len Wein, Mindy Newell
Colleen Doran
Colleen Doran
John Costanza
Tom Ziuko
Karen Berger


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor, Julia Kapatelis, Inspector Ed Indelicato
Troia (Donna Troy), Guy Gardner, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, Superman
Ronnie Sarasky, Myndi Mayer
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This issue acts as one of those “catch up” tales, whereby Wonder Woman’s adventures to date are recapped allowing new readers to “get up to speed” quickly. As you would expect from George Perez though, he does it in a believable way and presents the flashbacks as part of a TV programme being broadcast in anticipation of Hippolyta’s arrival in Man’s World to attend the U.N. summit. The show interviews various key characters allowing different opinions of Diana and her mission to be expressed.
For the purposes of this issue, only key points will be summarised as the majority of the panels contain flashbacks to events already detailed in previous synopses which can be found elsewhere in this site.


TV presenter Ronnie Sarasky introduces the special New Feature recounting how Princess Diana of Themyscira, named by the world’s media as the “Wonder Woman”, first came to set foot in Boston and how her time here has led up to the momentous occasion of the U.N. Summit which is to be attended by her mother, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons.

Sarasky recounts the events of the “Ares Affair” and includes an interview snippet with Steve Trevor and Julia Kapatelis, who explain their role in the amazing events.

The publicist Myndi mayer is then covered, detailing how she helped promote Wonder Woman’s mission in “Man’s World”. Several quotes from various individuals are included as to how they see Diana and her role.

A guy…“Wonder Woman? Jeez, she a fox! Once bodacious bod you know what I mean? I’m really into big muscular babes. I like the way she moves in that metal underwear…hotter than Paula Abdul even!”…

A woman…”To tell you the truth I think the whole thing’s gotten a little out of hand. God, that Wonder Woman is everywhere! I’m getting kinda tired seeing my husband ogling her pictures all the time. I mean, she so drop dead gorgeous, got all these great powers and she’s a princess for pete’s sake! Does she have to flaunt it?”…

A priest...”My main concern is the effect all this Wonder Woman hysteria may be having on our children. What does that golden winged double “W” really mean? Is it just some innocuous trademark, a status symbol, or something more insidious…a cult symbol representing all sorts of paganistic notions? Is Wonder Woman preaching peace, or just preaching? If she is some sort of religious apostle then she should say as much”….

A girl…”I dunno, I just like her, y’know? I don’t really care about Gods and stuff. I just think she’s so cool. She came and talked at my school and told us how we all had this power inside us. That no matter how bad things got, the power would get you through it all. We just had to believe it.

Vanessa Kapatelis...”She let me touch her lasso once. Wow! It felt like my whole body was floating. All your fears just sort of float away for a while. it’s so…peaceful. That’s the way Diana makes you feel, like she’s, y’know, a part of you. She’s everybody’s best friend…but to me she more like a sister.”

Sarasky states that Diana obviously means different things to different people. She then recounts the events of the “Wonder Woman” fair and the attack by the Silver Swan. Inspector Indelicato explains how the whole thing had in fact been about stealing some computer chips.

Several heroes then give their views on Diana having worked with her during the Alien Invasion. Donna Troy explains her own connection with the Amazon Princess, saying that initially she thought they could have been sisters as there was so much about them in common – she was Wonder Girl and here was Wonder Woman! Diana herself then comments that she had seen a photo of Wonder Girl back when the Titans were first formed. Her clothes, her bracelets, her powers and even her lariat despite its lack of godly powers. Eventually Donna had of course learned that she too had been given powers by her Gods. In her case, by the Titans who according to legends sired the Olympians who created the Amazons. They named her Troia.

Sarasky then mentions the continued rumours about Diana and Superman being an item. The Man of Steel remarks that at first he thought she was “just another superhero” but the more he got to know her the more he learned that there was so much more to her. A lot more. He adds that he has nothing but overwhelming respect for Diana. Sarasky then shows him a photo of him and Wonder Woman kissing and slyly says that it looks more than just respect! He replies that he and Diana are simply good friends. How often have people been photographed kissing a good friend? Gossip columns live for that! She and Superman had decided long ago to keep their relationship strictly platonic. Besides, he does not feel he would be good enough for her…and doubts that any mortal man could be.

This leads nicely onto the arrival of Hermes and his recent exploits in Man’s World. Sarasky also recounts the U.N. delegates visit to Themyscira and the attempt by Eris to disrupt things, as explained by Lois Land who joins Sarasky in the studio. All this has lead to the forthcoming visit to the U.N. by the Amazon Queen Hippolyta!

Diana and her mentor, Julia kapatelis intend to mark her arrival by presenting a special gift unearthed during a recent archeological dig. Sources say that it is an ancient ceremonial cup from the ruins of ancient Themyscira.

Wonder Woman goes on to explain..“When my mother receives this special gift from the united Nations representative, I don’t really know what she’ll say. years ago I would have shuddered to find out. But now I think she will accept it in the spirit it is offered. I believe she is ready for it. I think we all are now ready for it.”

Sarasky rounds off her feature by saying that they must await Hippolyta’s reaction. Will she see a world more promising that the one that she abandoned centuries past…or will she see a world more dangerous than the one that first raped and imprisoned her people? And what of Wonder Woman? The world has seen what makes her special among super heroes..she is an Amazon. But when Amazons become common place what will be so special about just one? Maybe it is because she was the first that to the world she always be the best!