The Perez run on “Wonder Woman” brought some of the most thought provoking stories ever seen in DC Comics and really differentiated this version of Wonder Woman not just from the pre-crisis era but other post crisis titles of the time. Having covered the subject of drugs in the “Who Killed Myndi Mayer” story line, George brings us this incredible story recounting the death of Vanessa’s best friend, Lucy Spears. No other “super hero” comic book had ever handled the sensitive subject of teenage suicides in such a direct manner and this issue truly elevates the “Wonder Woman” book head and shoulders above the rest for its sheer maturity and realism.
Once more, Wonder Woman herself only plays a “supporting” role but acts as a common thread for the combination of present day events and flashbacks that are used to explain Lucy’s tragic tale.
The title “Chalk Drawings” refers to a scene interspersed throughout the entire issue and told in fragments as a flashback, where Vanessa and Lucy have a street artist draw a chalk rendition of the two of them on the pavement. The final panel shows the rain symbolically washing the image of the two smiling girls away down a drain…