This unusual issue barely features Wonder Woman at all but instead recounts the tale of Pandora who, like Wonder Woman, was formed from clay and brought to life by the Gods. Ares’ daughter, Harmonia, is having visions depicting a woman who she initially thinks is Pandora, reverting back to clay but unlike the acknowledged version of the tale, the woman does not do so willingly but screams in agony as she reverts back to clay against her will! By the end of the issue Harmonia has realised that she is not seeing Pandora but the death of Wonder Woman!
Unknown to readers at the time, the vision in fact hints at events that will occur during the still some way off cross over event penned by George Perez, entitled “War of the Gods”. In this four part series, which also ran through the “Wonder Woman” book itself, Diana is “killed” by Circe the Witch who uses a magic spell to turn the helpless Amazon Princess back into raw clay.
This recounting of Pandora’s creation in this issue also also highlights William Moulton Marston’s obvious inspiration for Wonder Woman’s own origin – two beautiful women created from clay and gifted with special abilities by the Olympians.
The issue is also noteworthy because all of the pencillers are women.