Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 27

Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 27

General Info

Issue No:
27 (356)
On Sale Date:
December 1988
Cover Date:
February 1989
Dark Age
Story Title:
From Day Into Night

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
George Perez
George Perez
Chris Marrinan
Will Blyberg
Augustin Mas
Carl Gafford
Karen Berger


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Julia Kapatelis, Vanessa Kapatelis, Etta Candy, Steve Trevor
Chuma, Barbara Minerva (Cheetah)
Hippolyta, Hellene, Iphthime, Oenone, Philippus
Lucy Spears, Barry Locatelli
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This issue switches from different characters, following on from the aftermath of “Invasion” and setting up the events for the next plot. The first half is non action orientated, as Steve accompanied by Etta finally visits Paradise Island to see where his mother died and to stand at the shrine created in her honour. The second half sees the return of Wonder Woman’s deadly foe, the Cheetah, who we last saw in issue 9


As morning dawns over Paradise Island the Amazons face yet another change, one of many they have had to come to terms with over the last few months. For the first time in their long history, a mortal man walks upon the soil of Themyscira. Steve Trevor, accompanied by Etta Candy, Princess Diana, Queen Hippolyta and an escorting group of Amazons stroll through the beautiful landscape of the Amazon’s homeland.

Hellene, Iphthime and Oenone watch the group from a distance. Iphthime asks Hellene what she thinks of the son of the great Diana Trevor. Hellene replies that the Gods have woven an ironic tapestry and that while Steve seems harmless now, she can still remember the fires in the sky.

Meanwhile, Diana translates Steve’s words as he tells Hippolyta that he wishes to thank her again for all her people have done for him and Etta. The Durlans had really worked him over but the Amazon healers had worked miracles. The Amazon Queen replies that her healers had remarked how they had never seen such injuries. They were only too happy to help. Steve then tells her that the island is so incredibly beautiful. He shudders to think that he had almost bombed it. Diana tells him that all of that is in the past. He had not been responsible for his actions during the days of Lord Ares’ madness. Whatever debt he feels he may owe them has been repaid many times over.

Philippus then joins the conversation, adding that Diana speaks for her also. When she had first seen Steve lying on the healing table after Diana had plucked him from the sea, her heart was filled with anger and distrust. never would she have considered that he was in fact the son of the Diana whom the Amazons have so venerated and to whom she personally owes her life. Diana Trevor’s nobility clearly runs through Steve’s veins too. As one former soldier to another she salutes him.

He thanks her for her kind words as Hippolyta adds that these are not empty platitudes. By helping Princess Diana, Steve and Etta have saved the Amazons. Their island, their race, survives thanks in part to them. The eyes of the Amazon Queen and the retired Air Force Colonel embrace and for once, no translation is necessary.

Etta then says that this visit means so much to her and Steve. He had been dreading the meeting but she had always been sure that Hippolyta would be the loving, magnanimous and just queen that Diana had said she would be. Hippolyta smiles and replies that her daughter honours her indeed.

Philippus then suggests that as they have toured most of the Capital city, perhaps they should visit the Temple of Hades. Hippolyta agrees that it is time and asks Steve whether he would like to see a statue of his mother. He is lost for words and as the party begin to male their way to the temple, Diana mounts her horse and says that she will catch up with them in a moment. There is someone she needs to talk to first. She gallops the short distance to where Hellene, Iphthime and Oenone have been watching. She greets them and they respond in kind. She asks their opinion of Steve and Hellene replies that they admit they are impressed with the man. However, they felt the same centuries ago when Theseus and Heracles entered their city. They shall of course keep an open mind but Diana must understand that this is not easy for them.

Diana replies that she does understand and that they are being very fair…as she knew they would be. Oenone then says that the three of them have been pondering the great cosmic irony of this whole thing. A puzzled Diana asks them to explain and Iphthime tells her that it seems ironic how the first two men ever to set foot on Themyscira, Heracles and Steve Trevor, were both responsible for nearly destroying them. Diana reminds Iphthime that they have also both repented. Iphthime agrees and adds that the Amazons also forgave them. But that does not mean that all men who infiltrate their shores will have license to defile the Amazons and then cleanse their consciences simply by apologising. Diana smiles and tells her Amazon sister that she argues well. It is a debate she hopes to continue later but she must return now to her mother and their guests. As she rides away she bids them a fond farewell and adds that she would sooner die than let any evil befall their island…

Hundreds of miles away in Boston, Massachusetts, Barry Locatelli and Lucy Spears are talking together as they stroll across the school football field. Barry reassures Lucy that Vanessa had meant nothing to him. Lucy replies that she had heard stories to the contrary but he asks her who she would rather believe? He admits that he went out with Vanessa once or twice but that was only because his cousin. Can he help it if Vanessa misunderstood his motives? Lucy asks him to explain what he means and he says that his cousin wanted to get Wonder Woman’s autograph. Because the Amazon Princess and Vanessa were so close, he asked Vanessa to see if she could talk to Wonder Woman and arrange it. He again tells Lucy she is the only one for him and takes her hand in his. He tells her that she can asks anybody. They all call him “True Blue Locatelli!”.

Lucy replies that she does not have to asks anyone else as she believes him.She can also understand why Vanessa freaked out over him. What girl wouldn’t? She apologises for doubting him and if suggests that if she really wants to make it up to him then perhaps they should find a more private spot and make out. She smiles and suggests the empty boys’ locker room. An eager Barry leads her to the entrance and says he will go in first just to check the coast is clear. He opens the door and take a step forward, asking if anybody is inside. At that precise moment a bucket of blue paint drops on top of him, covering him head to toe! He sees Vanessa and her friends waiting inside and they burst out laughing at the joke. Lucy, who was in on the gag all along, throws her coat at him and tells him to wipe himself down “macho creep!”. Vanessa follows this up with a kick to his shins and still screaming with laughter, they all rush out leaving the humiliated Barry to lick his wounds…

Meanwhile, somewhere in California, an army convoy is making its way along a secluded road. The journey has been an uneventful one but al of that is about to change! Suddenly several trees fall across the road, blocking their path. before they can even react trees fall behind to block their retreat. From within the surrounding forest comes the synchronised percussion of discharging gas rifles, quickly enveloping the vehicles with noxious, overpowering clouds. The soldiers onboard succumb as masked, armed troops emerge from their hiding places. They rush to the armoured van and wonder why an elite force such as theirs has been hired for such an easy job like this. As they attempt to open the rear door though one of the officers who has not quite fallen unconscious raises his weapon but is swiftly mown down by machine gun fire.

They then turn their weapons on the truck’s door, blowing away the lock. As they climb inside they find what look like two high-tech coffins. They do not know what is inside but that is not for them to know – their orders are to simply acquire them…

Back on Themyscira in the Temple of Hades later that morning, Steve and Etta stand before the huge statue of Diana Trevor. As Etta hugs him, he stares up in wonder at the likeness. She was so beautiful. He was only four years old when his mother had died. Yet he could always hear her voice. Like she was always with him. Etta tells him that his mother was a great woman. She can hear her voice too somehow, saying just how proud she is of her wonderful son. Steve replies that he hopes so. His father used to say that he had inherited her stubbornness and her impatience with the way things were. It took him a while to realise that he was paying Steve a compliment.

Trying to hold back tears, he addresses the statue. “I just wanted to tell you…I understand now why you had to leave us that Christmas Eve. Why you had to pursue your dreams. Why you had to fly”. He adds that he is happy. He has a woman he loves dearly. His job. His friends. And her. She and Dad have a lot of years to catch up on so enjoy them. He adds finally that he will always love her.

A few minutes later Steve and Etta step outside where the Amazons are waiting solemnly for them. Steve thanks them for the privacy and says that it is a magnificent monument. Diana asks if they would like some more time but he replies that he and Etta must get back home as they have a lot to do. But first there is something he must say. He holds his arms aloft and crossed in the style of the Amazon salute. He then thanks them in Themyscirian for their kindness and wishes that the Glory of Gaea be with them all. Diana smiles and Hippolyta returns the salute in kind. She tells him in English that the doors of Themyscira will always be open to him. She then steps forward and places her hands on his shoulders. For now these are the only words of each other’s language they know – but for now, they are enough…

Mid afternoon in Beacon Hill, Boston, Julia Kapatelis is driving her daughter home from school. An excited Vanessa tells her all about the joke they had played on Barry and how the trap that Lucy had set was pure genius! Julia asks if this is the same Lucy who Vanessa had wanted “to toss in a cuisinart a few weeks ago”? Her daughter replies that that was before she knew Lucy was cool! Julia then says that she does not condone this vendetta mentality but still, Barry must have looked positively hilarious!

As they pull up to their house they see the truck that is delivering their furniture parked outside, with the removal men standing about idly. They get out of the car and Julia demands to know what is going on. Mr Clabby, the boss, replies that they did not know she had hired outside help to move the stuff inside. A confused Julia and Vanessa enter the house to see what he is talking about and are shocked to see Hermes hovering in mid air before them. he greets them and says that he hopes they find this all to their liking. He gestures around him as they realise that their furniture and other possessions have all been restored to the way they were before Decay had destroyed them! A dumbfounded Julia asks him why he has done this and he tells her it is his tribute to her. A peace offering if you wish. The removal men seemed to be struggling with unloading and so he had relieved them of their burden. He hopes she is as grateful as they were…

Meanwhile in California, a haulage truck enters a private airfield and pulls up alongside a waiting plane. As armed guards watch, the two caskets are loaded on board the aircraft. Chuma greets them and asks if everything went to plan. The leader conforms that they had acquired the shipment and is then handed a suitcase of money by Chuma. He does not bother counting it as he tells the small indian man that they would not be stupid enough to cheat the mercenaries. Otherwise they would suffer the same fate as the officer they had gunned down during the mission. Chuma’s body tenses as he reminds the leader that they had been told there should be no fatalities. As the leader disembarks Chuma steps forward as if to pounce but he hears the voice of his mistress telling him to let the man go.

He turns to where Barbara Minerva sits and tells her that the man had betrayed them and must pay. She replies that she expected nothing else from his kind and for Chuma not to worry – he will pay. She then orders the pilot to take off as Chuma enters the combination of the caskets’ locks. Slowly the lids open to reveal the bodies of the two Khunds who had been captured by Wonder Woman. Barbara stands over the imprisoned aliens, waving her walking stick at them and telling them that she is offering them a chance to avenge themselves against the one who imprisoned them. She will help them destroy Wonder Woman but only if they obey her without question. She warns them not to underestimate her. She may look infirm but others have died making that assumption. If they want freedom, they know what they must do…

Back at the Kapatelis household, Vanessa excitedly runs upstairs to see what her room looks like as Hermes asks Julia why she stares at him so quizzically. Is she displeased with him again? Julia apologises and replies that she is not unappreciative. It is just that after their last encounter she is surprised. He in turn apologises and says that even a God must know when he has breached the boundaries of civility. He assures her that this is no mere attempt to purchase her favour. Upstairs, Vanessa enters her room to find a brand new entertainment system and lets out a whoop of delight. Hermes says that he may have been a little extravagant in one respect and he hopes Julia will not be angry. Her lovely daughter so wanted the entertainment system and it is just a small gift – but if Julia would rather he remove it he will comply. She says that Vanessa would never forgive her if she did! She then thanks Hermes and adds that it is a very kind gesture. It is amazing that every book, every picture, every piece of furniture is exactly where she had originally put it. How did he know? He responds that he is the God of communication. He is an expert in the reading of character and in comprehending the true essence of a person. His knowledge of Julia directed him to furnish it this way…plus he also found a picture of the house amongst one of her albums! Julia laughs and to Hermes it is a beautiful Aria…a solo which merges into a duet as they both bellow with mirth!

Later that night at Martha’s Vineyard a full moon shines down on two shadowy figures. The Khunds are uneasy as they have been waiting here for some time now. One of them moans how the Terran witch is playing games with them. The other responds that the arrogant wench merely serves their purpose. She hates Wonder Woman as much as they do. Her very voice hisses with venom towards the Amazon Princess. Despite her obvious mania though, he could see calculative lucidity in Barbara Minerva’s eyes. If she says that Wonder Woman will be here he believes her. Once they have slain the Amazon then they will turn their attention to Minerva. A Khund is no Terran’s lackey!

Suddenly there is a disturbance in the sky and a light appears in the clouds. Through the opening portal they see Wonder Woman emerge carrying Steve and Etta. Raising their weapons they take aim and open fire. Only Wonder Woman’s lightning reflexes save them from being vaporised as she dodges the beams. She swoops down into the trees for cover and drops her passengers to the floor, as Steve tells her that he recognises the weapons. Wonder Woman whispers for him to keep his voice down and says that she too recognises they belong to Khunds. She tells them to get to safety as this is a task for a hunter.

Meanwhile the two Khunds scan the undergrowth, searching for their quarry. They have never seen anyone move so fast as to dodge their blasts. Just then they hear a cracking sound and turn to see a tree falling towards them, they dive to one side in opposite directions as the tree crashes to the ground. The first Khund gets to his feet but is felled by a punch from Wonder Woman who appears as if from nowhere. He raises his weapon and fires at her and she deflects the blasts with her bracelets, careful to direct the ricochets so as not to accidentally hit the escaping Steve and Etta. She suddenly realises though that the second Khund has disappeared!

Not far away her friends are trying to scramble to safety when suddenly the other Khund pounces! Steve and Etta move quickly and efficiently, the product of years of military training. They gain leverage and use the Khund’s own momentum to hurl him over their shoulders, but on the way the alien manages to clout Steve.

Elsewhere, Wonder Woman uses her lasso to ensnare the other Khund but he manages to open fire on her during the manoeuvre. She only just protects herself in time and decides the battle needs to end quickly. She lays him low with a savage kick but as she binds him securely she hears the voice of the other Khund from behind. She turns to see him holding a struggling Steve and Etta in his grip! He hurls them over the ridge and Wonder Woman cries out ” No!”. Moving with swiftness she swoops down and grabs her friends in mid fall, flying them back up to a safe spot. She returns to where she had left the Khunds and is dismayed to see they have gone!

Not far away the two Khunds, one of which is still bound with Wonder Woman’s lasso, have boarded a waiting helicopter piloted by Chuma. The trussed up Khund demands to be freed and Chuma, using the compelling power of the golden rope, asks him what he intends to do once freed. The Khund replies that he will kill them all and the other Khund cannot believe what his colleague is admitting. The alien curses the lasso as the other Khund leaps towards Chuma but before he reaches the small indian man he hears a savage growl behind him.

Wonder Woman groggily gets to her feet!Outside, Wonder Woman has spotted the helicopter as it lifts off and as it picks up speed she races after it. As she approaches though some sort of missile is ejected from the open doorway. Without her lasso she cannot snare them and prepares instead to use her bracelets to protect herself. But as the “missiles” draw nearer she sees to her horror that they are in fact the two Khunds with some sort of devices strapped to their chests. She suddenly realises what their purpose is too late as the two Khunds detonate in front of her. Wonder Woman plummets downwards and hits the ground hard. A concerned Steve and Etta rushes over to where she lays as the groggy Amazon Princess struggles to her feet. They ask if she is OK and she tries to clear her head and gauge what had just happened. The remembers that the Khunds had been thrown out of the helicopter at her and had appeared to be bloodied and mauled as if..

Suddenly she realises to her horror that whoever just escaped in that helicopter also now has her magic lasso!!