This issue continues directly on from events in the “Millennium” crossover series. In issue 7 of “Millennium”, Wonder Woman confronts the Manhunter posing as the Goat-God Pan and a fight ensues. After a brief struggle the Amazon Princess ensnares the Manhunter with her golden lasso but he tries to pull away, telling her she will have to kill him if she wants to stop him escaping. She holds on tight to the golden rope as he strains to get away, making the lasso cut deeply into his torso. Finally it rips him in two and Wonder Woman is horrified at what she has done. However, her hero colleagues inform her that the Manhunter was only an android.

With the Goat-God finally avenged as per Hermes’ wishes and the challenge completed, Diana is transported back to the Cavern of Doom to retrieve her mother.