This issue is notable for several reasons. Firstly, George Perez made a point of expanding the wardrobe of the post crisis version of Diana, allowing her to wear other outfits for different situations instead of constantly be depicted in her traditional Wonder Woman costume. This helped to add more realism to the stories and make her more of a rounded, multi-dimensional character. In this issue we see the introduction of the Wonder Woman Armour, the design of which I personally love and would inspire the movie version of the costume.

This issue also see us returning to the mythological aspects of Wonder Woman as we embark on a multi-issue story arc entitled “The Challenge of the Gods!”. It is noticeably dark in tone as the male Gods’ express their desire to ravish the Amazons and in particular, Zeus’ stated intentions to effectively rape Wonder Woman. It also shows Diana once more killing an opponent, emphasising that unlike the previous incarnation, this version of Wonder Woman is a true warrior.

Finally it also features a unique foldout cover which expands into a montage of events from the forthcoming plot and again demonstrates George’s passion for the character and his attention to detail.