Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 3

Wonder Woman – Volume 2 – 3

General Info

Issue No:
3 (332)
On Sale Date:
December 1986
Cover Date:
April 1987
Dark Age
Story Title:
Deadly Arrival!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
George Perez
George Perez
George Perez
Bruce Patterson
John Costanza
Tatjana Wood
Karen Berger


Wonder Woman (Princess Diana), Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Julia Kapatelis, Vanessa Kapatelis
Hermes, Decay, Deimos, Phobos
General Hillary, Colonel Michaelis, General Tolliver
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This issue sees the introduction of the Kapatelis family, who will form Diana’s new Post Crisis supporting cast right up until present day. Diana also receives Harmonia’s Talisman which will play a key role in future issues.


High above the City of Boston, Hermes and Diana fly across the sky. The Amazon Princess wonders how Man can build such a lovely metropolis and yet be capable of such wanton destruction. Hermes tells her that she should not judge Man too harshly as he has lost his way upon the Earth and that makes him afraid because he can feel the grip of Ares closing about his throat in a death grip. He adds that this is why he has brought Diana here in order to put an end to Ares’ madness.

Meanwhile at the Hanscom Air Force Base Hospital, General Hillary and Etta Candy burst into the ward. The General demands to see Steve Trevor and as they are led to his bedside the doctor explains that the Night Nurse had found Trevor in one of the beds, with no idea how he had gotten there. He had obviously been in some sort of accident but his wounds were already healing. He has been under armed guard ever since.

As they reach the room where Trevor rests they find General Tolliver waiting outside. Tolliver explains that Trevor is under arrest for not only returning without the Phantom Jet he allegedly commandeered but he is also wanted for questioning regarding the brutal murder of General Kohler. Etta steps forward and tells Tolliver that Colonel Trevor was ordered to fly the plane by Kohler himself. Tolliver replies that there are no records of that and as soon as Trevor regains consciousness he will be questioned.

Elsewhere at Harvard University Hermes and Diana arrive at their destination. Hermes explains that here the Amazon will meet the one who will become her mentor and guide through Man’s World. Diana will also finally learn the secrets of Mad Harmonia’s Talisman. Hermes then removes it from the top of his staff and hands the glowing Talisman to Diana. He tells her he cannot aid her further but she has his blessings. She must go now and take with her the hopes of the Gods themselves – for the fate of Gods and Men alike now rests upon her efforts. With that he fades from view…

Across Campus in the Library, Professor Julia Kapatelis stands on a ladder inspecting a book she has just removed from the top shelf. She attempts to reach across for another but loses her balance and topples from the ladder. But before she hits the ground she finds herself in the arms of Diana. Once safely on the ground again, Julia thanks her and seeing her costume asks if she is something to do with the Founder’s Celebration? For her part, Diana asks if Julia is alright as both she and the World have need of her services. But Julia cannot understand Diana’s language which sounds to her like some sort of gibberish mixed with Ancient Greek. She asks Diana to speak slower as she cannot understand her. Frustrated, the Amazon Princess wonders how she can make herself understood and suddenly has a thought. She reaches and for the Talisman tucked into her belt and shows it to Julia. Fascinated, the Professor wonders how such an obviously ancient amulet can gleam as if new. As Diana turns the her hand to show the side view it disappears from view, as if it exists only on one plane of reality. Julia realises that whatever the amulet is, it is not of this Earth and yet it is so beautiful, so compelling. She reaches out to touch it and as her fingers brush the burnished metal Julia’s world suddenly explodes into fire and fantasy. Images flash through her mind…images of churning seas and magnificent warrior women…of whispered voices and a golden kiss…and yet, despite the turmoil, there is hope and a sense of belonging. And one thing more…a stirring of pride and purpose unlike anything she has felt before. Then in a wink it is gone and she can see Diana’s concerned face staring back at her.

She finds herself lying on the floor, her head spinning and yet feeling so clear as if some hidden door has been opened in her mind. Diana asks her if Julia can understand her now and if she can help Diana? Getting to her feet, Julia replies that although she does not know who Diana is, she does know she had better find out. The key appears to be the amulet once they can learn what it unlocks. Diana still cannot understand the Professors words but her meaning is clear – she intends to help Diana just as Hermes foretold. Julia places her hands on Diana’s shoulder and in very rusty Greek, tells her that if they are going to work together she should know a name. The Amazon smiles and replies “Please call me Diana”.

Meanwhile Phobos watches the two women through his Earthen Pool of Omniscience and is displeased by what he sees. He thinks to himself that his wily brother Deimos would take time to plan before he struck but Phobos has no need for such amenities. He will strike while the moment is hot and then accept the praise of his father, Ares, for taking such initiative! He proceeds to walk into another chamber where the giant, beating heart of the Gorgon resides. He removes a mass of blood from it and blowing on it, forms a statuette…

Elsewhere in a secluded lodge in the middle of the woods, an audience which includes general Tolliver watches mesmerized as Deimos addresses them. He tells them the moment to strike is upon them if they are to save the country they love. ..

Back in Boston, Diana is experiencing the delights of driving home during rush hour! As she covers her ears to block out the din of honking horns Julia assures her new friend she will get used to it…

Later that night at Hansom Air base, Tolliver is questioning the now conscious Trevor. Steve tells the General again that he cannot remember anything after the plane went down. The General orders him to try harder and Steve replies that he does see random images of being attacked by his co-pilot, then spotting some uncharted island and strangest of all being carried in the arms of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Tolliver tells Steve it is all delusion and with Kohler dead no one can ever prove it. However, they cannot take the chance. Steve asks him what he means by that as a nurse steps forward with a syringe. But before she can insert it in his arm Steve decks her, yelling that he had seen her fill the syringe with air and that he has no intention of dying from an induced embolism. However, Tolliver punches Trevor and tells him he will die and they have come too far to permit him to interfere with their master plan. The two men grapple and Steve manages to throw the General across the room. Hearing the commotion, the guard outside bursts into the room but before he can react Steve knocks him out of the way. He then races down the corridor towards the exit. As the guard attempts to raise the alarm though he is gunned down by Tolliver!

At the same moment in Beacon Hill, the home of Professor Julia Kapatelis, Vanessa, her daughter, answers the door to a delivery man. She muses to herself it seems a little late in the day to get a delivery but nevertheless takes the package inside. Although it addressed to her mother who has not yet arrived home from work, she decides she is entitled to open it. She removes the wrapping paper to reveal the statuette that Phobos had created. From Vanessa’s point of view though, it is just a very ugly doll! Still, no doubt her mum will love it!

Across town at the apartment of Etta Candy, the Lieutenant listens in shock as one of Steve Trevor’s best friends tells her what has just happened. Colonel Michaelis explains that Steve is on the run having been accused of murdering a guard during his escape. Michaelis assures her he will do everything he can to help and hands up. Etta cannot believe Steve would do such a thing as he is the most honest man she has ever known. As she steps into her bedroom a hand suddenly reaches out from behind the curtain and covers her mouth. She turns to see Steve begging her not to scream. He tells her not to believe a word she has heard about him. People are trying to kill him and get him out of the way and he needs her help to find out why!

Across the other side of the world in Moscow, another entranced audience listens to Deimos as he gives them exactly the same speech about protecting their country and that the time to take action is upon them…

Back in Beacon Hill Julia and Diana finally arrive home. Julia unlocks the front door as Diana carries a pile of books inside. Julia tells Diana that these should help them research the amulet. She still cannot believe that the young woman can carry such a huge pile of books so easily – she must work out! Julia calls out to her daughter upstairs “Nessie!” who replies that she will be right down. Julia tells Diana that she thinks the Amazon will like her daughter as they are very much alike – headstrong and fiercely independent.

As Vanessa comes down the stairs she says “Hi! Love your costume! Part of the Founder’s Day Celebration huh?”. Diana for her part smiles back and thinks to herself she has never seen another woman quite like her…so young, so vulnerable and so beautiful. Julia tells her daughter that Diana will be staying with them for a little while. A less than enthused Vanessa asks just how long is “a little while”? Her mother replies that Diana does not speak any English and she has to Tutor her before they can actually get down to business. Vanessa storms back upstairs murmuring “Gee..thanks a lot!” and Julia apologies to Diana for her daughter’s behaviour. She explains that Vanessa is not usually like that but as she has been so busy working recently, she has paid her daughter so little attention.

Upstairs, Vanessa has shut her bedroom door and is talking on the phone to her boyfriend. She says that he cannot come over to study together tonight as she has a “sick aunt” visiting. In truth, she does not want her boyfriend to meet a fox like Diana!

A few hours pass and midnight falls in the Kapatelis home. Julia and Diana are in the study, and the Professor marvels at the speed and alacricity with which her new student consumes her first lessons, absorbing in mere minutes the rudiments of English. Vanessa is asleep on the couch having completely forgotten about the grotesque statue that now sits on the mantlepiece…a statue whose cold eyes now begin to glow!

Suddenly Julia and Diana hear Vanessa scream and as they rush down stairs they give way as if rotten. Diana grabs Julia and leaps down into the living room which is in total disarray. Before them stands Decay, who towers over a terrified Vanessa who has aged considerably as a result of the creature’s touch! Diana warns Julia not to approach and Decay says that she would be wise to listen as it is the Amazon she has come for. She tells Diana to step forward to feel her fatal touch and when the Amazon Princess refuses, Decay unleashes her demon breath blast into the ceiling above where Julia and Diana stand, causing the room to collapse on top of them!