This issue is note worthy for three reasons. Firstly, Diana takes a back seat in the story while Etta Candy is showcased confronting four of the most well known foes of Wonder Woman. Secondly, the comic changes to a bi-monthly title due to poor sales. And thirdly, we see references to a Being known as The Monitor, who crops up in several DC titles around this time and will play a significant role in the up coming “Crisis On Infinite Earths” crossover event, which culminates in the eventual “death” of this particular incarnation of the Amazon Princess at the hands of the Anti-Monitor!

The story line itself also makes several interesting references to the mess that Diana’s life has become, with multiple identities, memories etc. This, whether intentionally or otherwise, pretty well sums up the problems with the title at this point and why a “re-boot” was on the cards. Basically, there seemed no way to unravel the increasingly muddled and convoluted history of the character without effectively wiping the slate clean and starting again, which is exactly what they did!