Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 305

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 305

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
March 1983
Cover Date:
July 1983
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Day of the Man-Beasts!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ed Hannigan, Dick Giordano
Dan Mishkin
Gene Colan
Frank McLaughlin
Ben Oda
Carl Gafford
Ernie Colan


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Etta Candy
Senator Abernathy
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This issue reveals the identity of the mysterious ‘Mistress’ alluded to in issue 302 as being Circe. The issue also contains a pin up page of Wonder Woman penciled by Mike Hernandez and inked by Rick Bryant.


Diana Prince stands in front of a mirror adjusting her hair, thinking to herself how nice it is to relax for a change without some Earth shaking menace requiring her attention as Wonder Woman or unfinished business left over at the Pentagon. This weekend she can simply spend time with her friends.

Etta calls out, asking if she is ready to go out yet and as Diana turns to reply she glances something out of the corner of her eye. She turns and fleetingly sees the face of another woman with an evil smile on her face. But the image instantly vanishes leaving Diana wondering if she is hallucinating!

Etta sees her staring intently at the mirror and playfully asks whether she always goes into a trance when she sees herself in the mirror – is that vanity or what? Diana apologises and replies that she had something else on her mind, although now Etta comes to mention it – how does she look? Her flat mate replies that she looks great as usual and that she wishes she had a figure like Diana. Diana responds that she thought Etta had got over putting herself down all the time. However, if her appearance is really bothering her then perhaps Etta should think about getting herself a more flattering wardrobe.

She then suggests that they go clothes shopping after their picnic and shortly the two women are cycling through a Georgetown street. Diana says that a little exercise is not going to hurt Etta either and when Etta groans Diana apologises and adds that she had promised when she had bought the bikes that she would not start preaching!

Just then they see a group of reporters on the doorstep of one of the houses surrounding Senator Abernathy, their landlord. The press men ask him whether it is true that the President has asked him to come out of retirement to become his special Arms Negotiator. The old man replies that there is no truth in the rumour and that he left Public Life for good over four years ago. Diana sees that the Senator is rather distressed by the whole thing and cycles over to where he is standing. She asks if he is all right and if there is anything she can do for him? He thanks her for her concern but adds that he will have to ride this one out by himself. Diana and Etta then leave their Landlord to his private troubles unaware of the greater significance they will soon take…

Not long after as they pass various Washington Landmarks Diana says to Etta that this is fun and that it will do them a world of good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. Etta begrudgingly agrees with her, then promptly asking when they are going to eat? Diana tells her flat mate that she is incorrigible and a smiling Etta replies that it is part of her charm but that she has still not answered the question! Diana offers a compromise and says that if Etta can pick up her speed then they can start looking for a nice spot to stop for lunch. A puffing Etta thinks to herself that she will probably be forced to race Diana back home too and wonders why her friends always want to improve her?

The two women cycle pass the White House and Diana jokingly asks Etta whether she thinks the Reagans would like to join them for lunch? Etta replies that as they had not brought the fancy China along with them then probably not! Suddenly Diana’s keen senses alert her to an approaching menace and she instinctively gives Etta an Amazon assisted kick to launch her clear of the danger. She knows it is taking a risk with her secret identity, but she has a feeling Etta’s mind is going to be occupied with something more pressing than wondering how Diana became so strong all of a sudden.

Diana turns to see a Minotaur snorting and charging towards her, his outsized limbs rippling with inhuman strength as he pounds the pavement – an unstoppable juggernaut! He slams into Diana’s bicycle throwing her crashing through the White House railings. Diana knows that Etta would have been flattened had she still been in the way but that fate may still be in store for her! The creature lands on top of her and says that he has her now and that struggling will only prolong her agony and bring about her death!

As her face is forced into the ground she cries out to a horrified, watching Etta for her to get help from Steve at the Pentagon. Etta is frozen to the spot, frightened out of her wits and Diana knows that she is probably scared on her behalf too. However, the creature has done nothing except knock the wind out of her and she manages to roll clear. The Minotaur asks why she flees – is she so anxious to meet the “Ferryman who waits at the river of Death, Amazon!?”. She inwardly groans as her attacker obviously knows her true identity but at least she knows she is definitely the target and not Etta.

Thinking quickly, the Amazon Princess realises that Etta does not know this fact though and that maybe an appeal to her sense of duty may just snap her out of her trance. She cries out again to her flat mate, saying that the President’s life may be in danger and to get help quickly. It works and Etta scrambles back onto her bike and cycles away through the gathering crowd.

With her gone, Diana no longer puts up a fight and allows the Minotaur to fling her over his shoulder and carry her off street into the grounds of the White House. She thinks to herself that the dim witted creature will think she is his helpless captive and take her far enough away to keep the onlookers safe as well as her secret identity!

The creature meanwhile says that he hears his Mistress calling in his mind and that she orders him to take Wonder Woman before her. Diana muses that this is the second time that some menace has attacked her on behalf of an unnamed Mistress. If they were anywhere else she might be tempted to let him carry her all the way to meet her true foe face to face. But the White House grounds will soon be swarming with Security People and they are not about to let her take charge as long as they think she is just some damsel in distress. Quickly she applies a karate chop to the back of the creature’s neck, flooring him. Now free of his hold, she produces her magic lasso and spinning it around herself she transforms into her Wonder Woman costume.

At the same time the creature gets to his feet and the two combatants square off to each other. She tells him that she is ready for him and that she will not be holding back this time. She challenges him to bowl her over a second time and snorting in rage, he charges her. She gracefully leaps up and over him, thinking to herself how ridiculously simple it is to goad these egotistical males into rash and foolish action. She swiftly unhooks her lasso and loops it around the ankle of the Minotaur, bringing him crashing to the ground. She demands to know who has sent him here to capture her? He replies “No! Never!” and she is surprised to find him fighting the lasso’s magic compulsion to obey! She guesses that the sorcery of whoever is controlling him must be potent indeed. She grips the lasso tighter and asks him again who his mistress is? He refuses once more and before her eyes he begins to transform into a normal man, dazed and confused.

Just then White House Security men arrive. They thank her for her help and say that they will handle things from here. She replies that the man before them is not responsible for the deeds he was forced to perform in his magically altered state. The man groans, holding his head and asks what is going on. The last thing he remembers is that weird lady appearing out of nowhere and then…

The Security officer agrees with Wonder Woman’s statement but says that they will still have to question him. He then asks her if she has any idea who is behind this? She replies that she has a pretty good idea but that it ought not to concern them. Suddenly she hears a startling screech from above and looking up sees a massive Falcon swooping down. It clutches Wonder Woman and lifts off again, taking her by surprise. She guesses this is another Man Creature but finds that he has her in such an awkward position she cannot get the leverage to do much to stop him. Down below, the stunned Security officer orders his men to do something to help her but the bird is out of their range and they realise Wonder Woman is on her own.

As the Falcon continues to climb, the Amazing Amazon has an idea and grabs a passing flag pole. She wrenches the Stars and Stripes flag off and swinging up, throws it over the bird’s head, blinding it. Like a hunting bird hooded by a Falconer, the Man Hawk goes docile in the darkness, opening its talons to release its prey. Wonder Woman begins to plummet earthwards and she catches an air current, preparing herself for a renewed attack from the creature.

But the bird suddenly loses form, changing back into a man who finds himself helpless falling towards the ground below. Wonder Woman can only assume that either her unseen foe is admitting defeat or else she is about to mount a different assault. The Amazon Princess swiftly glides across the sky to catch the falling man, bringing him gently back down to earth. She scans the skies once again, searching for a clue to confirm her suspicions. She cries out, saying that she is not sure whether her unseen foe has come in person to watch her handiwork unfold. Nevertheless, she is sure her foe has a vantage point somewhere, so it is time “to show yourself – Circe!”

A woman’s voice responds, coming from the Statue of Freedom atop the US Capitol Dome. Circe says that although the daughter of Hippolyta has found her out it will do her no good. She has come for Wonder Woman and she will have her yet! The Amazon Princess asks Circe why she wants her and what possible reason does she have for fighting her? The Statue replies that it is the Fates which have foretold that they be adversaries. But in striking first it is she, Circe, who shall determine the outcome of this conflict.

So saying, the eerie voice echoes and fades to be replaced by the sound of crumbling masonry and the startled gasps and sudden shrieks of the onlookers who stand transfixed in terror as the giant statue falls! But if Circe, the ageless witch of old believed that the greatest of the Amazons could be destroyed by toppled stones or would flee at such an onslaught, then she reckoned without the strength, the courage, the sheer will of the mighty heroine from Paradise Island. Wonder Woman catches the hefty statue on her shoulders, ensuring the safety of the crowds and keeping the treasured monument to freedom intact. Once it rests safely on the ground, Wonder Woman thinks to herself that although Circe has disappeared for now, she fears that by Fate’s decree or not, she may have gained an enemy for life…