(The) New Teen Titans – Volume 1 – 38

(The) New Teen Titans – Volume 1 – 38

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 1983
Cover Date:
January 1984
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Who Is Donna Troy?

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
George Pérez
George Pérez, Marv Wolfman
George Pérez, Romeo Tanghal
Romeo Tanghal
Ben Oda
Adrienne Roy, Anthony Tollin
Len Wein, Nicola Cuti (assistant)


Robin (Dick Grayson), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana)
Sam Channing, William Harrison
Hippolyta, Paula
Fay Evans, Terry Long, Carl Stacey, Cindy Evans, Dorothy Hinckley, Elmira Cassiday, Elmo, Hank Evans, Jerry Evans, Mrs. Channing, Uncle Max
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Rescued from a burning apartment building as an infant by Wonder Woman and raised by Queen Hippolyta on Paradise Island, Donna (Wonder Girl) Troy has never known her true identity. Now, with their wedding in the offing, Terry Long asks Robin to investigate the secret of Donna’s unknown past.

At the site of the fire-gutted building, Robin finds a child’s doll which Donna vaguely remembers. Subjecting the doll to chemical and computer analysis, he traces it to a kindly old toy shop owner who had once repaired it for a Mrs. Cassiday of Willowbrook Orphanage in Virginia. Locating Mrs. Cassiday in a nursing home in Florida, Dick brings Donna to meet her, and they learn that Donna’s mother had brought her to the orphanage when she learned she was dying of cancer. Donna was then adopted by a couple named Stacey.

Returning to Virginia, they find the former Mrs. Fay Stacey, now remarried as Fay Evans, and foster mother and daughter are tearfully reunited. Dick and Donna then learn that, two years after Donna’s adoption, her foster father had been killed in an accident, and his wife, penniless, had been forced to give Donna up for re-adoption. Donna is satisfied at this, but Robin investigates further and discovers that the couple who died in the apartment building fire had not adopted Donna, but were go-betweens for a child-selling scheme run by a crooked lawyer. Finally aware of her past, Donna visits the grave of her natural mother, Dorothy Hinckley.

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