Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 299

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 299

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
September 1982
Cover Date:
January 1983
Bronze Age
Story Title:
Target: Paradise!

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ed Hannigan, Dick Giordano
Dan Mishkin
Gene Colan
Frank McLaughlin
John Costanza
Carl Gafford
Marv Wolfman


Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor
Nikos Aegeus, Bellerophon
Hippolyta, Paula (von Gunther)
Sofia Constantinas, Carlo
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A very winded Amazon Princess finally surfaces in the Aegean Sea, wondering what hit her. She remembers seeing Aegeus and Steve and then the next moment she was down. She manages to swim to the nearby beach and drag herself ashore, eventually slumping to the ground in order to catch her breath.

As she lays face down for a few moments she is unaware that someone is approaching until she is roughly prodded by a gun barrel. She raises her head only to find herself surrounded by Nikos’s gang.

One of the terrorists volunteers to blow her head off but a voice replies “not yet” as she only dies when he commands it. Wonder Woman turns to see it is Bellerophon standing there, just as her mother had suspected. She defiantly tells them not to think she is helpless just because she took a “little spill” and quickly gets to her feet. As a gang member raises his weapon and fires on her, Wonder Woman’s Amazon stamina comes to the fore and rising to full heroic stature, she deflects the bullet. But soon she is under fire from all sides as the whole gang open fire!

However, faster than Hermes himself, she deflects every single bullet and strangely only the blind Bellerophon seems able to follow her rapid arm movements. She advances on the terrorists and swiftly swipes their guns from them. She then demands to know where Aegeus has taken Steve? Bellerophon replies that she is too late and that his young apprentice is on his way to destroy her sister Amazons on Paradise Island, with Steve showing him the way. She tells him that this is an intriguing idea but not very likely, since Steve Trevor has no idea where Paradise Island actually is.

Meanwhile Steve is telling Aegeus that as he has mentioned before, he does not know where the Amazon Homeland is located. He was out cold when he was taken there. However, Aegeus is not convinced and replies that it must be in the this vicinity as he can feel its magical vibrations. As they fly into ominous black storm clouds, Steve says that this is certainly the general area because they are now in the Bermuda Triangle, but normal navigational instruments go haywire here so how can they find their way? The Amazons after all have stayed hidden away for that very reason. Aegeus responds that he does not navigate using mere Earthly means and is in fact in his element amidst the mystic storm clouds.

He then raises his bow and unleashes one of Zeus Thunderbolts. It explodes with a clap and as it illuminates the sky, piercing the clouds protective cover, an island becomes visible below. Aegeus steers Pegasus downwards and swoops towards the Amazon Homeland. Hippolyta and her guards watch his approach as he tells them to prepare to meet their doom. In response, the Amazon Queen orders the call to arms to be sounded.

Aegeus then knocks Steve off his mount and gloats as the Colonel falls helplessly to a certain death. The watching Amazons see that he will be killed and what is more defy Aphrodite’s Law by touching the ground of Paradise Island! Hippolyta races forward and catches Steve in her arms. She then orders her guards to take the grateful Colonel to Science Island where he can safely be set on the ground. As they prepare to take him away he tells the Queen that he thinks he has killed her daughter!

Back on Themiscyra, Wonder Woman is twirling her lasso above her head attempting yet again to ensnare Bellerophon. He goads her by saying that she is having difficulty disposing of an old man who is both blind and lame and perhaps she underestimates her opponent. As if to demonstrate the fact, he easily catches the golden rope in mid air and uses it to unbalance Wonder Woman, pulling her off her feet! She is amazed at his speed and muses that he must be like the blind martial artists of the orient, whose remaining senses are heightened and augmented by a mystical battle sense. She decides to change tack and orders her invisible plane to swoop down. On her command, it passes just overhead, momentarily capturing the attention off the ancient Greek Adventurer. But although a less skilled fighter may, as a result of the distraction, have found themselves at the mercy of Wonder Woman’s hurled tiara, the blind Bellerophon effortlessly parries the attack . His opponent is, however, still a Wonder Woman and she unleashes a barrage of kicks which prove too much too fast for the old man.

Having felled him at last, she turns her attention to the terrorists but finds another gun pointing at her ready to shoot. Sofia orders him to drop his weapon though and Wonder Woman thanks her, adding that she could have handled him quite easily herself. She asks why the sudden change of heart and the Greek girl explains about the vision of Athena she had seen earlier in the Catacombs. Wonder Woman deduces that it had been Athena’s sceptre that had struck her before and Sofia asks why it had not killed the Amazon Princess? Wonder Woman replies that the sceptre’s rays packs quite a punch when it strikes but its primary function is to discern and obliterate that which is evil…

Miles away above Paradise Island, Aegeus is unleashing his deadly Thunderbolts on the city below. Wave after wave of unbridled devastation rain down on the Amazon Homeland as his mystic lightning bolts tear rifts in the sky, through which fiery balls of lava are transported from some faraway volcano. They fall as deadly rain on the buildings below as Paula, the chief Amazon scientist and Steve Trevor watch from the relative safety of Science Island.

He asks if there is anything they can use to shoot Aegeus down with but she replies that there is not, adding that this must seem quite foreign to someone with his training. She goes on that the Amazon idea of combat does not include the use of massively destructive long range weapons as it is a matter of honour. He asks Paula if they at least have any other aircraft like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet? She replies that they have none, although there is something that they have used for sport and not for battle. If he is willing, perhaps it can work.

Shortly afterwards Steve is soaring into the air in a hang glider type construction. The Amazon design makes it hard for him to master, but he has been flying since he was fourteen, certainly a lot longer than Aegeus has. He therefore may be able to give the Greek terrorist a run for his money. He narrowly avoids a passing lightning bolt as he closes in on Aegeus, who warns him not to divert him from his purpose.

As he prepares to fire on Steve again, the Air Force Colonel leads him into a nearby cloud. Momentarily blinded, Aegeus suddenly finds Steve bearing down on him from above but he manages to punch the flimsy craft and shatters it. Steve again topples earthwards but this time he is saved not by Hippolyta, but by her daughter! Diana swoops down from her waiting invisible jet, catches him and carries him back down to Science Island. She thanks him for keeping Aegeus occupied and turns her attention to the Greek up in the sky who has already unleashed a Thunderbolt at her. She uses her bracelets to deflect it and says to him that it is time they settled the matter once and for all. He had wanted a head on confrontation between the two of them and had boasted before that he could beat her easily. The time has come for him to back that statement up!

His response is to fire another bolt at her which this time she avoids using her Amazon speed. She asks if that is the best he can do and he swoops down to prove that it is not. As he touches down she rips up a nearby tree and uses it as a club to strike him. Stunned, he flees back up into the sky but she has already removed her magic lasso and manages to loop it around the tail of Pegasus. She tells him he is “nothing but a two bit terrorist thug who got his hands on a little power” and that he was never any match for her! He says that she had tried to take control of his mount once before and had failed, but she responds that she had simply been surprised to find that his bridle had the same magical properties as her lasso. The real battle though is between her and him, not their respective magical appliances and that it simply is no contest! With that she orders Pegasus to buck with all its might and the horse does so, sending its stunned master up in the air. As Aegeus tumbles towards a dark cloud below him, he vows that while he still holds one final Thunderbolt they will meet again. With that there is a tremendous flash and he is gone!

Wonder Woman then steers Pegasus back to Science Island and meets up with her mother and Steve, who is thankful to see her alive!


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