DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest – 11

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest – 11

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
March 1981
Cover Date:
July 1981
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Unknown Soldier of Victory
The Hand That Shook the World
... and One of Us Must Die
The Triumph of the Tornado Tyrant

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Dick Giordano
Len Wein, Gardner Fox
Dick Dillin, Mike Sekowsky
Joe Giella, Dick Giordano, Bernard Sachs
Ben Oda, Joe Letterese, Gaspar Saladino
Len Wein, Julius Schwartz


Justice League: Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El), Atom (Ray Palmer), Aquaman (Orin), Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Flash (Barry Allen), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Hawkman (Kartar Hol), Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)
Justice Society: Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana), Diana Prince, Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson), Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles NcNider), Mister Terrific (Terrence Sloane), Robin (Dick Grayson), Sandman (Wesley Dodds), Hourman (Rex Tyler), Johnny Thunder, Red Tornado, Starman (Ted Knight), Wildcat (Ted Grant)
Seven Soldiers of Victory: Crimson Avenger (Lee Travis), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Shining Knight (Justin Knight), Speedy (Roy Harper), Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton), Stripesy (Patrick Dugan), Vigilante (Gregory Sanders)
Adam Strange, Elongated Man (Ralph Dibney), Metamorpho (Rex Mason), Zatanna Zatara
Nebula Man (Qwewq), Big Caesar, Professor Merlin, Red Dragon, Needle, Iron Hand (Ramon Solomano), Circe, Tornado Tyrant (Ulthoon)
Snapper Carr, Alanna Strange, Genghis Khan, Robin Hood, Tornado Champion (Ulthoon)
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DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest was a series of 100-page colour mini-comics reprinting classic DC story lines. This issue features reprints from  Justice League of America #100 , Justice League of America #101, Justice League of America #102 and Justice League of America #17. Several versions of Wonder Woman appear in these stories.

Synopsis - First Story

The Justice League of America celebrates its 100th meeting with a gala party, and among the guests are Elongated Man, Metamorpho, Zatanna, and Diana Prince. No sooner does the affair begin than the heroes and their guests are summoned to Earth-Two to aid the Justice Society of America in overcoming a giant nebulous hand that is about to crush their planet to bits.

Combining his magic with that of Zatanna and Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt, Dr. Fate contacts Oracle, a cosmic entity who informs the heroes that only the Seven Soldiers of Victory can overcome the menace that threatens them. He also reveals that the once-famous crime fighting team had been scattered to various eras of Earth’s past as a result of their battle with an energy-creature called the Nebula Man.

Oracle then transports the heroes in search of the Seven Soldiers in three-man teams. Dr. Fate, the Atom, and Elongated Man find the Crimson Avenger possessed of strange powers in his new role as king of an Aztec tribe. Escaping the natives who battle to defend the former crusader, they restore his memory and return him to the present. Meanwhile, the Iron Hand, a villain once defeated by the Seven Soldiers, proves to be the mastermind behind both the Nebula-Man and the giant hand menace.

Synopsis - Second Story

Briefed by Diana Prince, who has remained behind in JSA HQRobinMr. Terrific, and Green Lantern of Earth-Two set out to prevent various disasters being caused by the presence of the giant hand encircling the Earth. Meanwhile, SupermanSandman, and Metamorpho locate the Shining Knight, who has become an ally of Genghis Khan; HawkmanWonder Woman of Earth-Two, and Dr. Mid-Nite storm a castle in Robin Hood‘s era to rescue the Earth-Two Green Arrow; and BatmanStarman, and Hourman unite to free Stripesy from captivity in ancient Egypt. Back in the present, the Iron Hand invades JSA headquarters to attack Diana.

Synopsis - Third Story

Green ArrowBlack Canary, and Johnny Thunder save the Vigilante from being burned at the stake by Indians, while AquamanWildcat, and Green Lantern retrieve the Star-Spangled Kid from a prehistoric era, and FlashZatanna, and Red Tornado battle the sorceress Circe to recover an enthralled Speedy.

With the entire Seven Soldiers of Victory team united in the present, the JLA and JSA discover that Wing, the Crimson Avenger‘s companion and unofficial eighth member of the team, had sacrificed his life to use the secret weapon that had defeated the Nebula-Man—the same weapon that can now destroy the giant hand that holds the Earth in its grip. 

Diana Prince defeats the Iron Hand, but even the master villain cannot prevent his creation from destroying the world after its controls are accidentally smashed. After the Seven Soldiers recreate their weapon, the heroes argue over which of them will carry it into the heart of the nebulous menace. Finally, the Red Tornado takes the matter into his own hands and performs the mission himself, apparently sacrificing his existence as Wing had before him.

Synopsis - Fourth Story

Having survived an encounter against Adam Strange, the Tornado Tyrant begins observing Adam Strange to see how he manages to defeat his opponents. He witnesses many of Strange’s adventures and when Strange battled Kanjar Ro with the help of the Justice League of America, the Tornado Tyrant became more interested in the group. Witnessing their recent adventures the Tornado Tyrant decides that he wants to become a champion himself.

Creating his own Earth, and splitting himself into duplicates of the Justice League, the newly renamed Tornado Champion attempts to be a hero in his own right. However, with the creation of his own Earth, the Tornado Champion also created a duplicate Tornado Tyrant. Pitting his Justice League duplicates against the power of the Tornado Tyrant, the Tornado Champion is able to defeat his opponent.

With his victory complete, Tornado Champion reemerges into his true form, hoping to be a hero in his own right.