In order to promote the ‘re launch’ of “Wonder Woman”, DC took the unusual step of producing a mini-comic as a taster for what was to come. The mini-comic was integral to the ongoing story line in the main book but was not available separately.

With her new creative team of Roy Thomas, Gene Clan and Romeo Tangle, the new Wonder Woman became a more sassy, streetwise and wisecracking character. The launch comic portrays her as a much tougher lady to deal with than readers had come to expect, with more emphasis on action.

This mini-comic is also extremely significant as it is the first time her new costume is introduced, the one with the double W’s! Of course, this costume has remained her standard costume up until the present day and was a major shift away from the Molten Marten design and more towards giving her a ‘brand’ identity like Superman’s ‘S’. Purists would argue that this was a flawed move as many loved the eagle design on the bustier, but nevertheless the =W= emblem has become a recognisable symbol across the world and can be seen on everything from mugs to tee shirts.

Another notable changes made this issue was the use of proper Greek names for the Olympian Gods, as opposed to the Roman names usually used. Thus, Mercury the God of Speed becomes Hermes.

With the scene set in this mini-comic, the story continues in her own book, commencing at issue 288.