DC Comics Presents – 32

DC Comics Presents – 32

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
January 1981
Cover Date:
April 1981
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Super-Prisoners of Love

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Dick Giordano
Gerry Conway
Kurt Schaffenberger
Vince Colletta
Milt Snapinn
Jerry Serpe
Julius Schwartz


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana), Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El)
Eros, Aphrodite
Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, Lana Lang
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This story allows the writers to have some fun with the age old debate of whether Wonder Woman and Superman should be lovers. Many feel that the two super heroes are perfect for each other while others like the fact that Kal has a normal girlfriend in the form of Lois Lane. Even in today’s books, there is still some ‘tension’ alluded to between Kal and Diana, who remain “just good friends”. However, during the New 52 DC Comics made them an official couple for several years, though to very mixed reactions from fans, only to return to the status quo a few years later as part of the Rebirth “soft re-boot”.


The story begins on board the Justice League Satellite, where Wonder Woman is trying to relieve the boredom of her monitor duty. She muses to herself that perhaps she has made a mistake rejoining the League as all of her training to do battle with the forces of evil is being wasted staring at a monitor screen!

But ironically, her drifting thoughts mean she fails to notice a pinpoint of light rapidly approaching the orbiting satellite. As her duty time finally draws to a close she stands up and suddenly sees the light materialise in front of her. It calls her name as it begins to take the shape of a man. The voice tells her not to be alarmed and that it has come in peace.

At last, the form reveals itself to be Eros, son of Aphrodite and the God of Love. He reveals that he has come here because he loves her! The Amazon Princess is stunned and demands to know what he is really doing here? But he replies that she obviously did not hear what he had said the first time and bringing her face towards his, he tells her once more that he loves her and plants a kiss on her lips.

She angrily shoves him away, saying that he must be an Olympian if he thinks he can kiss her without permission! Eros responds that he has travelled far to declare his love to her and that surely that gives him certain rights. But she tells him that she loves another man – a mortal – named Steve Trevor. If he is really Eros, then he should ask his mother Aphrodite about the true love she and Steve share.

He angrily retorts that he and his mother are very different. To her, love is a pale, wispy thing all gossamer, moonlight and tender sighs. But to him, it is fierce and intense. Wonder Woman’s denial makes him enraged.

She replies that what he feels is passion, not love. However, he tells her that she is just like his mother pretending to a deeper wisdom that he does not share. With that, he removes one of his arrows and says that he will make her change his mind!

At that moment, he sees Superman arriving in the transporter ready to take over the next monitor shift. Eros sees an opportunity to convince Wonder Woman of passion’s power and aims his bow at the surprised Man of Steel. She grabs his arm, trying to stop him but he bats her aside, saying how he will repay a female who spurns him. He then promptly fires at Superman.

Superman assures her that this ‘day glow arrow’ will not hurt him but as it strikes he is overcome by its magical power. As Wonder Woman demands to know what Eros has done, he takes aim and shoots her too. As it strikes, she too is affected by its spell.

As the two super heroes look into each others eyes longingly, the love god laughs and he and his arrows fade into nothing. The two of them try to speak but words are not enough and they embrace passionately. However, they still have some strength of will and manage to pull away from each other. Wonder Woman tells him that they cannot do this, Eros or no Eros. He agrees but even as he speaks, he reaches out to gently touch her hand. But again they pull away and walk off down the corridor, doing their best not to look at each other and striving to keep from even thinking about what has just occurred…

Meanwhile on Mount Olympus, Eros cackles as he looks into a fountain where the images of the two heroes can be seen. He is caught unawares by his mother, Aphrodite, who asks him what is so amusing? He tells her it is nothing but she senses he is up to mischief. Nevertheless, she is sure that whatever it is, it cannot be causing anyone harm and leaves him to it.

He turns back to look into the fountain once more and sees Superman and Wonder Woman in the laboratory. As they try and look for some sort of chemical antidote, Superman says that they must be able to overcome this unnatural attraction. She agrees, replying that they both have other people who they truly care for. But once again they cannot resist holding each other’s hands as they talk.

Unable to keep his emotions in check, Superman suddenly launches out of the satellite and into space, screaming at the top of his voice in frustration. Instantly, he looks back in horror, realising that he has punctured a hole in the hull and that all the air is escaping. Even Wonder Woman might die before she manages to reach a space helmet! With that, he zooms back and uses his heat vision to weld the hole shut. His x-ray vision shows him that the Amazon Princes has already left the satellite though and he therefore returns to Earth to do what must be done…

In Washington, Steve Trevor is leaving the Pentagon when he just makes out the shape of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet speeding towards him. He races over as it touches down, wondering what the panic is about? But as he is about to greet the disembarking Amazon she grabs him, landing a passionate kiss on his lips. He responds and melts into her arms.

Abruptly though, she pulls away as she spies a TV screen in one of the nearby guard’s huts. The picture shows Superman and Lois Lane embracing and in a rage, the jealous Amazon storms off leaving a bewildered Steve. She jumps on board her plane, saying that she will show ‘that news hounding hussy what it means to play around with the man she loves!’ Steve stares at the departing jet, confused by what she has just said.

Meanwhile in Metropolis, Lana Lang is reporting outside the Galaxy Building where Superman has just swooped from the sky to plant a king-sized kiss on celebrated reporter Lois Lane. However, just as she tells the cameraman to stop filming as it looks like the kiss will never end, a golden tiara suddenly flies through the air, clouting Superman on the head.

Out of nowhere, Wonder Woman leaps into view and grabs Lois, lifting her over her head and accusing her of being a ‘man stealer’. Superman tries to explain to the envious Amazon that he had just been using Lois to try and forget about how he feels for her. Wonder Woman replies that she of course knows that, but that once she has finished with Lois, the reporter will not be any use to anyone. With that she hurls Lois into the road in front of an oncoming truck!

With super speed, the Man of Steel catches her and uses one hand to stop the truck dead in its tracks. He tries to assure her that Wonder Woman is just a little distraught at the moment and that he will not let her harm Lois.

As she dusts herself off, she asks what Wonder Woman had meant by calling her a man-stealer? But when she gets no reply, she turns to see to her horror that Superman and Wonder Woman are engaged in another intense kiss!

When their lips finally part again, the Amazon Princess tells him that the kiss was nice and that they should stop fighting their feelings. They should go somewhere else so they can take care of ‘business’. He replies that he gets her meaning and they fly off arm in arm.

Lois and Lana, two women who have loved Superman in their own way, look at each other and realise that he may just be in love with the one woman they have always known, deep down in their hearts, was ideal for him! And together they comfort each other.

On Mount Olympus, Eros has been unable to stop laughing up until a few moments ago when he suddenly loses the image of the two heroes in his fountain. Just then, he hears a voice behind him and turns to see Wonder Woman and Superman standing there. The Man of Steel lifts the shocked Eros high into the air with one arm and the God of Love calls out to his mother in fear.

Aphrodite enters the room and Wonder Woman assures her that they mean no harm. The Goddess replies that Hippolyta’s daughter is always welcome in the Temple of Love. She asks Superman to put down Eros and tells the two heroes about a place which may help them to rid themselves of the spell which she realises Eros has placed on them.

Later, as mother and son watch them depart, Eros asks why his mother had told them about the Blue Lotus of Lost Love? Does she not want to see him happy and in love? She replies that of course she does, but that it must be love that makes him not so rash and vengeful.

Elsewhere, Superman carries Wonder Woman through some storm clouds on their way to their destination, dodging lightning bolts as he goes. He asks her whether they really want to get rid of what they feel towards each other? She responds by raising her hand so that her metal bracelet attracts a thunderbolt. The shock courses through him and Superman thanks her, saying that was just what he needed. She smiles that it was “not exactly a cold shower but it did the trick!”.

At last they reach a cavern and stepping inside the gloomy cave they come face to face with a Minotaur. Superman advises her to stay back as he moves towards the beast. But the creature grabs him by the neck and Wonder Woman shouts a warning to the Man of Steel that this is a land of magic, one of his prime weaknesses! He manages to use his heat vision on the cave roof above, which comes crashing down on top of the struggling pair.

As the dust settles, Wonder Woman drags Superman out from under the pile of rubble. They make their way further into the cave and at last find the burning Blue Lotus flower. As he steps forward to pick it he is forced back by the magical flames. She steps forward and uses her golden lasso to loop around the flower. But even though the fire cannot burn through her magical rope, she does not have the strength to pull the flower out.

Superman asks if she minds a helping hand and together they manage to pull the flower free. The whole cavern is bathed in an eerie, all consuming flame and when it subsides, the two heroes are smiling. They are free of the spell!

A little later, after explanations have been made to Lois and Steve, the two couples visit a local amusement park together. Lois spots a Tunnel of Love ride and Steve suggests they all take a ride but both Superman and Wonder Woman decide they have had enough of love related matters today and both reply “maybe tomorrow!”.