Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 273

Wonder Woman – Volume 1 – 273

General Info

Issue No:
On Sale Date:
July 1980
Cover Date:
November 1980
Bronze Age
Story Title:
The Right Angle

Creative Team

Cover Artist:
Ross Andru, Dick Giordano
Gerry Conway
Jose Delbo
Dave Hunt
Ben Oda
Jerry Serpe
Len Wein


Wonder Woman (Diana Prince), Steve Trevor
Professor Bennington, Russell Abernathy, Etta Candy
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Wonder Woman finds herself tumbling endlessly through a kaleidoscopic world. She thinks to herself that this is some other dimension containing weird geometric shapes. She tries not to panic and forces herself to remember Angleman’s exact words before he had blasted her with his Angler device. He had said she would be seeing the world at a ninety degree angle. With joy, she realises that is the answer!

Quickly removing her lasso, she knows that while he has unwittingly told her how to escape, she needs to act fast before it is too late!

Meanwhile back at Edwards Air Force Base, security guards are sealing off the area while a hunt begins for the missing shuttle. Steve, the professor and the others are still baffled as to what actually happened. Suddenly, they see a figure materialise on the empty launch platform out of thin air. He greets them and introduces himself as Angleman. Smiling, he calmly informs them that he is the one responsible for the theft of the shuttle craft. One of the generals orders his men to open fire but Angleman uses his Angler to deflect the bullets. He tells them that they are wasting their time as he is the man who has just killed Wonder Woman and he is therefore more than a match for the US Air Force.

He continues that if they ever want to see the shuttle again, they must pay a ransom of half a billion dollars in silver by noon tomorrow. With that, he activates his Angler and is gone once more!

Back in the right angled nightmare of the other dimension, Wonder Woman throws her lasso and snares one of the larger geometric shards. She rationalises that she can use her lasso to link herself with an object in this dimension before she drifts too far from her original position relative to the real world. Once done, she can literally pull herself home! As she begins to make her way along the golden rope, she prays that her memory has not failed her and that she has chosen the right spot!

At the same moment, Steve, the professor and the other military personnel are still taking in the Angleman’s demands. Suddenly one of the guards shouts out and they turn to look at the launch platform again, where another light has appeared. Amazed, they watch as what appears to be Wonder Woman’s magic lasso leaps from the prism effect and loop around the gantry. As they watch in awe, they make out the Amazing Amazon, pulling herself along the rope and out through the portal, appearing it seems out of nowhere just like Angleman had done a few moments earlier. They can see every muscle straining as she refuses to give in and at last breaks free of the light.

She drops down from the gantry as Steve remarks “What a woman!”. He notices she is looking at him the same way she had done when she had rescued him from his crashed jet. He wonders whether she feels the same way he does?

Unable to take her eyes of Steve, she informs the group that she has confronted the Angleman and that she believes she knows where he has hidden the shuttle. She continues however that she will not be able to retrieve it herself. Instead, she will try and capture Angleman instead. With that she rushes over to where her invisible jet waits.

Steve races after her and as she watches him approach, she realises that even though he was so dazed and delirious when they had first met back on Paradise Island, he does still remember her! She asks the colonel what she can do for him and he firstly requests that she no longer calls him colonel, but simply Steve. He then asks her to join him for dinner tonight at the Circus Disco. She smiles and replies that she would like to very much. They agree a time and then she climbs aboard her plane and takes off.

She muses to herself that she must be mad – going out in public as Wonder Woman – with a man! She decides she cannot think about that now and secretly loops back to the base. She changes back into her Captain Diana Prince identity and rejoins Steve, telling him she has been looking for him all over the place. He apologises to her, saying he had not realised they had become separated and says that they should return to the Pentagon. Smiling to herself, Diana can see from the starry look in his eyes that she need not have worried about her absence raising suspicions because as far as Steve is concerned, Diana Prince does not even exist!


30,000 feet over the Rocky Mountains, flight 237 to Denver makes its final approach. Suddenly, the pilot notices they have a red light showing on the main fuel tank. He thinks that the electronics may have got fouled up but asks his copilot to check the gauge anyway. With horror, his colleague sees that the tank really is empty! They cannot understand how that can be possible as the tanks were full when they took off. They immediately lose power in two engines, and a third begins to shut down too! As they radio a Mayday the plane begins to nose dive and the passengers scream. The jumbo shoots past peaks, as the pilot struggle to avoid the mountains. Miraculously, a clear slope appears, a glacial valley between two Mountains. With desperate skill, the pilot brings the large plane down, bouncing once before coming to a halt.

As the crew and passengers escape from the downed airliner, a mysterious flying saucer shaped craft zooms overhead. The pilot of the vessel radios back to his master that the mission has been accomplished, although not as satisfactorily as wished. He tells the shadowy figure on the monitor screen in front of him that the fuel ran out as predicted by their operative, who had purposely damaged the tanks during its last maintenance check. However, the plane managed to crash land and there are survivors.

His master replies that this does not matter as the damage has been done psychologically. When news of the disaster reaches the stock market so soon after the other commercial airline catastrophes they have already caused, airline stocks will plummet and they will reap the benefit! Soon they will have destroyed America’s economy too and the shadowy figure will then make himself known as the new Master of the World!

End of Interlude

It is early afternoon at the Pentagon and Diana and Etta are getting into a car. They have decided that it makes perfect sense for the two of them to share an apartment as they work together and both need somewhere to live. While Etta drives, Diana scans the paper, looking at some of the apartments to rent that Etta has already circled.

Diana spots one that interests her and twenty minutes later they arrive on the outskirts of Georgetown. They pull up outside a lovely townhouse and wonder whether they have made a mistake as they could not possibly afford such a place. But once inside they meet with the friendly landlord named Russel Abernathy, recently retired from the US senate. He tells them that he used to be a member of the Armed Services Committee and always had a soft spot for the military. He offers them the apartment for a cheap monthly rental and Etta and Diana eagerly accept.

Later that night the young and the mighty of official Washington dance and mingle at the Circus Discotheque, less than a mile from the White House. In places like this it is said, the business of government thrives, hidden beneath a mask of sociability. But for two people here tonight, government is far from their thoughts as they dance the night away.

Steve and Wonder Woman, who is wearing a cape over her usual costume, decide to take a break from the dance floor and make their way to a secluded table. Steve apologises to Wonder Woman about the TV News Cameramen who hassled her on the way in. He still does not know how they figured out she would be here tonight. She tells him it does not matter but he replies that it does bother him.

He tells her that when he is with her, he can almost forget the rest of the world and he does not want anything to spoil that. She replies “Nor do I Steve.” However, she ponders to herself how it was actually she who tipped off the local news stations anonymously. Would Steve have understood if she had revealed that she was using him in an effort to trap Angleman? There is so much they do not know about each other and yet strangely she feels closer to Steve than to anyone she has ever met.

Just then she notices a man sitting across from them and recognises Angleman, out of costume! She stands up and removes her cape as the criminal realises he has been spotted and in turn removes his Angler device from under his jacket. He tells her it is a pity she recognised him as it throws his plans off, but luckily he has covered all the angles as usual. When he had heard she would be here tonight he could not resist coming to correct whatever mistake he made that let her survive their encounter earlier.

With that he opens fire but Wonder Woman leaps out of the way. The commotion panics the crowd who begin to stampede for the exits. Wonder Woman removes her lasso and prepares to ensnare Angleman, who has turned the Angler on himself. With another blast he transforms into his own costume, while making himself immaterial to her magic lasso too! Steve looks on as the criminal genius makes himself partially invisible, as though he were being seen at an angle.

He prepares to fire on the advancing Amazon, warning her that this time he will send her on a one way trip to the same place he sent the Daedelius This time, it will be a full 180 degrees from everything! But as he fires she grabs hold of him and before Steve’s horrified eyes the two of them disappear in a flash of light!

In a bizarre world where everything familiar is distorted beyond recognition, Angleman and Wonder Woman tumble through complete and total disorientation. A panicking Angleman tries to reuse the Angler to send himself back to Earth before it is too late but the Amazon Princess has other ideas. She crushes the device with her bare hands and a stunned Angleman cries out that they are now trapped along with the Daedelius – and there is no way out!

She punches him on the chin, sending him flying and replies that he is wrong and that there is one angle he did not consider – that he has been dealing with an Amazon! She goes on to say that with her Amazon memory she can orient herself and haul her way out as she did before. Once she has taken him to prison she will then return and recover the shuttle too!

Meanwhile, 180 degrees away, Steve stands alone in the now deserted Discotheque. He cannot believe that he has lost his beloved Angel so quickly, as if it was all a dream. He begins to wonder whether she had ever really existed in the first place, but tells himself that she was real, the most real woman he has ever met. And then a miracle happens – a flash of light fills the room once more and Wonder Woman emerges with Angleman in tow! Steve is speechless.

A little later Angleman is being taken into custody by the police outside the Circus Discotheque while Steve and Wonder Woman look on. Steve hands the Amazon Princess her cape and asks her if she is certain she can find her way back to the other dimension. Then he rebukes himself for even asking the question – of course she can! By now he should be used to her doing the incredible.

She smiles and tells him that there is something she would like to do now that is not so incredible. When he asks her what that is, she replies that she wants to take a long, slow walk with her man and not come home until dawn!


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