In this issue we see the start of a new regular back up feature starring the Huntress, contained in 8 extra pages. Set in Earth Two, the real identity of this masked female crime fighter is a woman named Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, better known as Batman and Catwoman respectively.

In this world however, the two of them have perished at the hands of criminals leaving their daughter vowing to fight on in their name and carry on her father’s on her father’s dream to bring justice to Gotham City.

Portrayed sometimes as a grittier character than Batman, the Huntress had proved popular in some of the brief guest appearances she had made in Batman books and was finally given her own storylines within the covers of a flagging “Wonder Woman” title. DC hoped that the lure of these two female crime fighters, the iconic, peace loving Amazon, and the hardened, ‘take no prisoners’ approach of the Huntress would prove to be a winning combination in both keeping existing readers and attracting new ones.

Please note that as these stories do not feature Wonder Woman herself no synopses are provided.